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Pundi X
Hi guys,
What do you think of this project?
I like this and believe they have a chance to make it.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

I saw this mentionned a couple time in several forums... Those who are following seems to like the project a lot. I did not make any research by myself though. I'll keep my eyes open.
Motivating article:
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

Thanks for sharing your findings both of you. Korean projects is probably a bit more trustworthy than Chinese projects. I like the mathematical approach f(x).... I need to read about it but this week is a "hell" week for me.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

I am not techie as you know, but I like the looks of this one. It speaks in my sort of language and looks appealing. However that does not make it good or safe!
(2018-12-11, 11:53 AM)BobBobert Wrote: I am not techie as you know, but I like the looks of this one.  It speaks in my sort of language and looks appealing.  However that does not make it good or safe!

Here you have some more reading to do:

Pundi X’s mission is to make buying crypto currency as easy as buying a bottled water. As the Walmart and 7-Eleven of crypto currency, they want users to buy and use crypto currency anytime anywhere.
Their first in the industry product is poised for mass adoption infrastructure. Consumers can buy and sell crypto at any participating retailer and spend their crypto using a point of sale devise called the XPOS.
In comparisons to other crypto payment options out there, Pundi X has the key following advantages:
  • Instant transactions.
  • Merchants can receive payment in their local fiat to avoid crypto fluctuations.
  • Able to support many crypto currencies on the XPOS.
  • Consumers can readily buy crypto straight from the actual XPOS device.
  • Merchants will receive back a whopping 65% from the total transaction fee, on every single crypto related transactions. The remaining 35% is removed permanently from the total supply.
  • No Banks needed, hence serving the un-banked and the under-banked population.
  • Historical Ultra Taiwan Music Event 2018, 30,000+ users of the event used the XPOS successfully for two days consecutively to buy food and drinks.
For every transaction, through the XPOS machine, there will be a token removal coming. Token deductions means a reduced supply over time. The more machines in outlets and more people using crypto means supply will decrease, therefore the demand will increase. Pundi X will not be an ERC20 token for long, Pundi X is creating its own blockchain called the f(x) Blockchain.

F(x) Blockchain could be a game changer;

The f(x) "Function X" blockchain under current test environments, each XPOS is an f(x) **node**; all data from the XPOS will be fully encrypted and stored in f(x) low level IPFS. Our IPFS is one that is specially designed for XPOS, f(x) and other smart devices.  The f(x) public ledger will record all transactions, and the chain deploys sharding and PBFT. 
At Pundi X, they believe that open source is the way to go and to strengthen the blockchain community. They will gradually enable all of their operating system and f(x) chain’s code to be open source. It will be free for all DApp software and hardware manufacturers to develop products for the f(x) ecosystem, hence achieving true decentralization. They want everybody to work together and re-engineer a decentralized world.

XPhone - block-based smartphone in Q2 2019;

It is the first smartphone in the world to operate in a decentralized ecosystem, supporting phonetext, and datatransfer. Users will have complete control over the data they share via their smartphone.
This new smartphone, created with Function X technology, an ecosystem developed for the block chain on a block chain basis, is named 'X Phone' and operates on a new communication protocol developed for the block chain age. This innovation means that the use of block-chain technology can be greatly extended by moving the block-chain away from simple financial means. Every XPhone becomes a node!
The XPones features:
  • Mobile operating system based on block chaining.
  • Data Transmission and Sharing and SMS Handling with Function X Block Chain Technology.
  • Easy to deploy decentralized apps.
  • Independent dialing and text messaging regardless of carrier.
  • Users have full control over the data they share.
  • Decentralized storage space.
If you want to see some videos about this special device:
  1. What is Function X? -

  2. X Phone - Bring Function X to everyday life -

  3. Setting up the node via X -

  4. File Sharing via Function X -

  5. Send Text Demo -

  6. Dialing Demo -
Full medium report of X Phone here:

Technical Specs of XPhone and Function X Chain ecosystem;

Function X is an ecosystem built entirely on and for the blockchain. Everything in f(x) is totally decentralized and secure, which means that application source code, transmission protocol, hardware are all part of the decentralized network. In fact every bit and byte in f(x) will be part of the blockchain. f(x) ecosystem consists of five elements;
  1. Function X Operation System - (ROM). Android-modified blockchain-enabled operating system. Users can switch seamlessly between fx blockchain and regular everyday android mode.
  2. Function X FXTP - (Web Protocol). Decentralized transmission protocol (P2P) and similar to https.
  3. Function X Docker - Open Source platform for developers to build, ship, and run distributed applications (DApps).
  4. Function X IPFS - Storage of various contents.
  5. Function X Public Blockchain - A High performance and secure public block chain.

Website for latest Function X information and this website will be constantly updated. Please view link for in-depth details at; and also FAQ;

All Partnerships (so far);
Major Partners: 
-American Chamber of Commerce Korea; AMCHAM is the largest foreign chamber in Korea with around 1,800 individual members from almost 900 member companies with diverse interests and substantial participation in the Korean economy. 
Their partners includes, MacDonald’s, Star Bucks, Hyundai, United Airlines, IBM, Aston Martin, Uber, Lake Hills, Qualcomm, AIG, 3M, Cooper Standard, Grand Hyatt, P&G, IFC Seoul, WeWork, Citi, Hawaiian Airlines, MetLife, Ford, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Cisco, HUB, Nike, Oracle, Kelly, Philip Morris, Hyosung, Cigna, Kim & Change, Monsanto, Dunamu, Facebook, Mirae Asset, MaerSK Line, Macell, Lee & Co, MSD, NextDecade, Bespin Global, Regus, Pfizer Korea, and many more, see link below;

Government Endorsed Partnerships;
-Ebooc; (Government UEA) [Ebooc](r/ and Pundi X will provide several other applications for consumers such as making retail payments; paying for government services, fees and fines; utilities and bills; telecommunication bills and school fees on POS devices running a stable, digital equivalent of traditional fiat currencies in the region.
The move brings our world-leading, blockchain-based XPOS technology, XPASS card and e-wallet to the Gulf, Middle East and North Africa region for the first time with Ebooc as the official partner under the terms of a strategic partnership agreement as executed.
Additional back information about the Founder of Ebooc: Entrepreneur & Senior UAE Government Official with deep Government experience of over 20 years. From his current role as Assistant Undersecretary, Industrial Development Sector at Ministry of Economy, UAE, Abdalla has been able 
to participate in policy-making and planning strategy for ministry of Economy and oversee the operations and major projects within the industrial sector. 
Developing action plans and programs for the industrial sector, overall supervision of the industrial licenses issued by the ministry, General supervision of Institutions Support Department, which specializes in conducting necessary studies for the development of industrial exports. 
Regulations and specifications of Foreign Affairs in coordination with stakeholders Prior to this was the CEO strategic planning & affairs at Emirates Post Group was on the Board of Directors of Wall Street Exchange Chairman of the Executive Committee ; Vice Chairman of the Emirates Marketing & Promotion Corp. Board Member of the Emirates Courier Services – Empost.
  1. New updated Ebooc announcement;

  2. Previous Ebooc announcement;
-HARA; Based in Indonesia, collects real-time data from across the agricultural and food value chain in developing markets to boost productivity, profits, and livelihoods for farmers and employees. Farmers, NGOs, and other on-the-ground partners are incentivized to provide data on ecological, crop, and market conditions with HARA Tokens, which can in turn be monetized.
HARA has a deep network of existing partnerships across Indonesia. In the past year, HARA has collected the agricultural data from about 10,000 farmers across Indonesia, with the support of Indonesian regional governments and directly-elected local government leaders known as regents or ‘Bupati’.
They will target a further seven other priority agriculture markets across South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and East Africa, with a projected future international total base of up to 2 million users. Please see the medium article and their website for more amazing details;

Other Partners;
-NEM; (Deal to deploy additional 20k XPOS units) A commitment to use NEM's blockchain technology to produce 20,000 of the world's first NEM-based POS terminals, called NEM XPOS.
To foster this project, we completed a private allocation totaling US $ 17 million (USD) on April 5, 2018. The fund will be used for technical integration and production of at least 20,000 XPOS NEMs over a three-year period.

-Ubivelox; they have become an international innovator in the development of smart cards, mobile communications and blockchain (ranked 6th largest in the world). The two companies will work together on XPOS and XPASS technology development, security and market deployment, which will not only facilitate the promotion of Pundi X in Korea, but also help accelerate the layout in the global market.

MOU Partnerships (memorandum of understanding);
-GCOX; Pundi X has signed a MOU with Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), the world’s first celebrity cryptocurrency exchange which includes the Micheal OwenManny PacquiaoJason Derulo and Caroline Wozniachi, to customize a special version of a blockchain-based point-of-sale terminal. The collaboration aims to bring its celebrity tokens to the physical retail stores.
It aims to help celebrities tokenize their popularity by creating, listing, and trading their own celebrity tokens on a global platform. Its social media platforms, namely Celeb-Listing, Celeb-Connect, Celebreneur and Celeb-Charity aim to create closer engagement between the celebrities and their fans. GCOX just announced to create UAE’s first fully-licensed token exchange in Dubai.
Pundi X will integrate Acclaim blockchain via XPlugins, the Pundi X Platform API that allows blockchain developers to connect to digital wallets and create smart contract requests. Among all proceeds, such as gas, being used in GCOX XPOS transactions, 10% of the usage will be in NPXS.

-Bithumb; Bithumb plans to expand the general public's ability to conduct cryptocurrency consumption at physical retail stores and is interested in the Pundi X solution. Pundi X is currently discussing with Bithumb how to integrate the platform. Once the details are determined, Bithumb will become the payment docking partner for Pundi X, providing merchants with a cryptocurrency collection plan.

XPOS Distributors;

Manticora Capital, Bit Captial, Ubivelox, KonaCom and more to follow.


NEM, UTrust, GGOX, Verime, Wanchain, Stellar (XLM), Genaro Network. More to follow.


Swiss Finance & Technology Association, Access Industry Member, Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia, Fintech Indonesia, Blockchain Centre, Singapore Fintech Associations, Fintech Association of Hong Kong, Xpos Consortium, Pundi Pundi, XPOT, more coming soon.

XPOS locations;

The locations of each and every XPOS's will be updated frequently. Until Pundix official release of all existing and upcoming retail vendors we can now use our community's Google Map bookmarks, just add to your google list;


Payment Solutions; 

Pundi XPOS not only facilitates cryptocurrency payment or transactions but also accepts transactions through mobile wallets and traditional bank cards. Our POS solution can support retail intelligence, inventory management, order management, marketing and loyalty programs. Pundi XPOS device is an all-in-one solution for retailers.

XPOS accepts the following;

Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, American Express, BNB, BTC, ETH, LTC, XVG, XLM, ACT, QTUM, NPXS, E2Pay, Alipay, M-bayar, Go Pay, WeChat, Xpos Consortium, Ubivelox, XPOT and many more.

XPASS cards;

The customers use the XPASS card to conduct transactions, just like how they use the metro top-up card. The XPASS card contains the private key information encrypted.

The Pundi XPASS card is the contactless smart card that allows users to store and spend multiple cryptocurrencies.

Utilizing the NFC communication protocol and the COS operating system, the XPASS card is now upgraded to a CPU smart card that uses multiple and dynamic keys to implement a cryptographic algorithm.

Other benefits;

· Intelligence clearing system to increase the value of the store properties.

· Support cryptocurrency payment card, such as Pundi XPASS card.

· Support mobile payment apps, such as Alipay, Samsung Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Xwallet, E2Pay, Go-Pay,Pundi-Pundi (M-Bayar), and WeChat Pay more to follow.

· Support cryptocurrency wallet payment, such as Qbao, X Wallet, NEM Wallet, Bitcoin Wallet and more.

· Establish credit history and reduce financial risks.

· Provide a gateway for financial service providers.

· Support loyalty / membership management system.

· Support promotional and NPXS reward system.

· Support 3rd party delivery and logistic service providers.

See the **Medium** reports for more details on all developments to date;

XPOS & XPASS prices:

XWallet Mobile App;

The XWallet is an easy to use mobile app to store selected assets such as NPXS, BTC, BNB, ETH and many more to be added as listed above. The ability to add and integrate your XPASS card/s into the XWallet app, which can be used to transfer assets back and forth, or simply store on our XWallet or the XPASS card.

Payments can be made through XWallet app at stores using the integrated QR code. Coming soon to Apple store and available now on Play store. Already been used by the community in early Beta;

Deduction/Removal of NPXS;

A quick summary of Pundi X token’s utility on each and every transaction:

  1. A bit of it is removed for every crypto related transaction that happens in through our XPOS. 

  2. The token is used to list other tokens in our XPOS, for example, QTUM paid us a sum of NPXS to be listed later in our XPOS, and this will include future coins that will be listed in our XPOS.

  3. Loyalty programs are made & paid with NPXS. 

  4. Ads that run through our XPOS are also paid in NPXS. 

  5. Future products will be paid with NPXS. 

  6. Claim goods and services from merchants. 

The XPOS is comprised of two parts, the consumer and merchant. 

The Point of Sale device (XPOS);

For the merchants: 

  1. You get 1% extra as a fee. You can set it up from 0-3%, but we recommend 1% fee. 

  2. You can sell crypto again with that 1% fee. 

  3. You can sell the XPASS cards. 

  4. The POS can setup your inventory, loyalty programs, ads, and print smart receipts. 

  5. You can accept crypto, again the 1% fee. 

  6. You will be one of the first to change how the world uses crypto. 

For the XPASS holders;

  1. They can liquidate their crypto assets through our merchants, hassle free. 

  2. They get a special discount.

  3. If you lose the XPASS black card, we are able to recover it (as long as you have the security card). 

Unlocked NPXS tokens;

You need to hold NPXS on supported exchanges like BinanceHotbitBittrex InternationalOkcoinKr and Wazirx or in any ERC20 Wazirx that you control your private key e.g. MEW, Trust Wallet, Nano, Tresor during the snapshots which will be random every day and random times.

NPXS unlocked tokens based on your total holdings for every month till 2020:

7.316% per month 2018

2.11% per month 2019

0.88% per month 2020

You need to hold the whole month to receive the full amount. If you hold fewer days you will receive less. We recommend you to use an ERC20 wallet that you control your private key because exchanges such as Binance for example use their own system for the unlocked tokens/airdrops. 


Formula is [(The average of the daily lowest NPXS amount of the month X 10%) + (the daily average NPXS amount of the month X 90%)] X 7.316% 

Case study of fees;

-100% of Pundi X’s revenue that is generated through transactions on the XPOS will be removed permanently from our NPXS token circulation (and that's called token reduction). This means that if Pundi X makes $1 of revenue from a transaction, they will take $1 worth of NPXS out of circulation permanently. NPXS tokens taken out of circulation will never be able to re-enter the circulation in any way as they will no longer exist.

-If the transaction is made in Pundi X tokens, we will take the tokens immediately out of the total supply. If the transaction is made in other tokens or fiat, we will use the proceeds to buyback NPXS, after which we will permanently remove the NPXS tokens from circulation and ensure they can never re-enter circulation.

-In case of a fiat to crypto transaction (including a payment with mastercard/visa) NPXS will be also deducted.

-Case study 1: A user buys $1,000 worth of crypto from a merchant in a store using Pundi XPASS card. The total charge a user has to pay is $1,010; $1,000 for the crypto and $10 for the service fees. Of the $10 received, $6.50 is paid to the shop merchant for rendering this service. $3.50 is paid to Pundi X for providing XPOS (switch) and XPASS (Issuer) service.

-Case study 2: A user buys $1,000 worth of crypto from a merchant in a shop using an imaginary online crypto app called Coinbas. The total charge a user has to pay is $1,010; $1,000 for the crypto and $10 for the service fees. Of the $10 received, $6.50 is paid to the shop merchant for rendering this service. $0.50 is paid to Pundi X for providing XPOS (switch). $3 is paid to imaginary app Coinbas for providing the app.


XPOS runs on Andriod OS. Android developers can develop on the f(x) blockchain and XPOS apps like they do on Androids apps. Developer can upload the apps onto a DApp Store and make them available on XPOS. Even as we speak, XPOS devices are rolling out globally, penetrating stores everywhere.

The presence of XPOS devices in the stores will allow developers to have real audience to cater to. XPOS will be available and open to different Blockchains to deploy their Blockchain apps on. XPOS is a node for all Blockchains. You can call it a “Blockchain-neutral” node.

XPOS Technical Specifications;

A robust device, XPOS includes a MTK8735 quad-core (1.3GHz) ARM Cortex processor, 1G RAM, 8G ROM, and a dedicated safety CPU module (Megahunt Micro 1901C). Not every POS device has customizable memory, however, Pundi X POS comes with a 2G (RAM) + 16G ROM variant. The storage capacity of the device is 4.11GB. Please see link below for full detailed specifications;

Read the white paper which can be found at the foot of the official webpage:




LinkedIn: (r/]

Pundi X Ecosystem;
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

Wow, that will take me several days to get through! Busy time of year at work too...but thanks for the posting!
Me too Bob! I'm having a crazy busy week at work. Huge meetings for the whole day. Overtime as well.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

(2018-12-13, 09:00 AM)Carsten Wrote: Me too Bob! I'm having a crazy busy week at work. Huge meetings for the whole day. Overtime as well.

Just take your time to read it.
It's worth it.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?


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