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Mark Rune Karlsson. New ICO Nurverhino. OMG. Be careful.
(2018-09-13, 05:30 PM)BobBobert Wrote: Hi all

Sorry I have been absent a lot longer than I meant to be.  My work has been really busy and what with one thing and another I have had little or no time for anything other than vital stuff!  I have not even watched TV for around a month.  I did get stuck in the smallest B&B with no devices, no internet and two books to keep me company for 4 days.  That is a story for sharing over a fine whisky!

I shall try to post most days on the forum but I had better not promise.

We were concerned about you Bob so it's great to hear from you again!
I guessed you had a lot to do. Seems you always have after your vacation!

Anyway don't "invest" (sorry....throw away money) in NurveRhino :-)
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Hi Bob! Good to hear from you! Smile
Thanks all!

Glad to be back, even if it is not full time! For the last week I have been doing my job and covering another one whilst they were on holiday. It has been a huge workload but it is a great feeling when I walk out at night knowing I have done so much Smile
Seems like when you have vacation you need to work triple to catch up with all the work not done on your vacation!! That's not a healthy system Bob.

Anyway we are all happy to have you back!
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Yeah... taking time off should not lead to more work when we go back at work...
Welcome back Bob!
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