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Mass mail from Mark via IGG. Please write IGG.
Hi all

I'm sure you all got the newest mail from IGG. I would like you all to write support "".

I wrote the following:


We have so much proof that this guy Mark/Marchello Karlsson is committing fraud. Since the campaign is closed why do you allow him to continue mass mailing?

By the way can you help us with the original community text he presented two years ago.
We have much evidence in here and here that Mark is fooling us all and one already reported him to the Thai police. We will collect it all and report him as a group from the forum. Purpose one is to have him burn/destroy the not sold Rimbit as promised in the original text (that's why it's important to have) and two is to warn others of the fraud he is still committing." 

IGG replied....therefore the more that mails the better.

"Hi Carsten,

Thank you for contacting us. I've looked into your concern and I wanted to let you know that your issue requires investigation from our Trust and Safety Team.

I've already escalated your ticket accordingly, and you should be hearing from us very soon. Thanks in advance for your patience while we complete our investigation!
Customer Happiness"

I wrote them again this morning:


Please let me know if you want access to the closed folder in the forum were some of us are collection the evidence. During the next week I hope to have it all in a Word/PDF document that we can send to the Thai police.

Thanks for looking into this. If some kind of refund is possible it's highly appreciated. 

IF YOU HAVE THE ORIGINAL IGG CAMPAIGN TEXT WE/I WOULD REALLY MUCH LIKE TO HAVE IT! In there are promises that was not kept, sadly none of us took a screenshot."

Regarding sending it to the Thai police...we will give Mark a chance to burn fist and keep his promises.

Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Done - here is my version

Hello IGG people,

Just over two years ago I saw the unnamed coin (now Rimbit) being launched on IGG and I put some money into it.  The campaign was run my Mark or Marcello Karlsson and sadly it has not delivered on its promises.

One of the problems is that Karlsson has been scamming those who bought into the dream.  Having raised $200,000 to $250,000 (mostly on IGG but the rest elsewhere) he has failed to deliver any of the things he has promised and indeed has spent this money on cars, motorbikes etc.  Having promised us things like Exchanges, APIs facny wallets etc, none of these things have happened. It is a scam, and one that karlsson hs perpetuated and keeps on perpetuating onto unsuspecting people.

I am somewhat surprised that IGG has let Karlsson keep on emailing all the people who have bought into this project and I would ask that you remove this facility from him immediately before more people hand over their cash to him.

His scam is being discussed on the major crypto forums, like

He has cleared out all members who have confronted him from the rimbit forum and they have set up a new one at

There is a dossier that lists some of his actions at  but that does not include such recent actions as illegally opening everyone's Private Messages, the tax avoidance issue, the breaking of Thai Banking rules nor the threatening of people who he disagrees with. 

I would ask that IGG remove all facilities from Karlsson and his campaign and also look at getting money back from him.  It is also alleged that he knowingly circumvented USA SEC laws with this project.

That's perfect BobBobert!'s a very nice way to put it. Clearly English is your main language. There is some minor spelling errors like there was in my post but that can not take away the strong message you wrote!

It's really great. Well done!

Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Thanks Carsten!

English is my first language and other than ordering beer in German, my only one.

Anyone who wants can copy anything or all from my email. Feel free to correct my spelling mistakes too Smile
This is my mail to IGG.


My name is Hugues Dohmen.

About 2 years ago (march or april 2014) I was attrackted to a fundraising campaign running on Indiegogo.
It was about a new crypto currency. In the early stages of the campaign it was named " unnamed coin. Afterwards a name was chosen: Rimbit.

The founder Mark or Marcelo Karlsson promised a whole lot of things in his original Iniegogo campaign and later in a forumhe created. Now about more than 2 years later nothing of his promisses are realised.
The only thing he did was collect the funds raised via the Indiegogo campaign and via other channels.

I and many other members of his rimbitforum have confronted him with all the irregularities. The result of this was that he banned all the members that have confronted him, from his forum.
This is the reason why we founded our own rimbitforum ( to collect all kinds of evidence against this M. Karlsson.
Some of the evidence are already submitted to the Thai authorities, but we need more, so the local police can confront him with the facts.

Apparently (according to some people in his neighborhood) he has spent the raised funds on cars, motorbike and other luxuries.

These days I still see mailing updates via Indiegogo coming in. Could it be possible to block him from doing this? By this we can help others who are not aware of his scam to loose more money on his scam activities.


Hugues Dohmen
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

(2016-09-27, 01:40 PM)BobBobert Wrote: Thanks Carsten!  

English is my first language and other than ordering beer in German, my only one.  

Anyone who wants can copy anything or all from my email.  Feel free to correct my spelling mistakes too Smile

"dos cervezas por favor" ... Probably  going here in November... Angel
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Excellent post Hugues - it looks great that we are saying something similar but in our own words too.

Everyone else - take the bits you like from our emails and do what you can. It does not have to be perfect English, it does not need to mention every point.
#8's a an excellent post by Hugues..
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Alright I'm going to do this tonight!
Rimbit address : RWjHgnVG5NoBC7kxLcfxi7TvZ2DjDLJATe
(2016-09-27, 04:49 PM)Frudel Wrote: Alright I'm going to do this tonight!

That's very good! He should not be allowed to continue mailing like he does.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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