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Plan B -> Maybe Plan A (constructive way forward) [technical]
Hi everybody,

Sorry for switching back and fourth between being a passive and active member (just need to sometimes take care of work life). Still working on having some 1on1 voice calls with some of the active members. Please pm me, when you are open to this.

Here is a hopefully constructive suggestion for a plan to move forward, however this is more a plan B than plan A because it will be the creation of a new PoS cryptocurrency and not keep Rimbit alive - however, it will probably keep all our investments alive:

Rimbit's current code is open source on github: under the very permissive MIT license. It means, we (as a community) own the code and are allowed to use and adapt it (carsten, if this plan works out, we definitely need to make a developer youtube feature out of it!).

I suggest to fork the code (basically make a copy, where only trusted developers of this forum gain access). I would then use my copy of the blockchain and start a new coin with the same distribution of coins we have right now. I would like to do a closed beta run, which means we do some testing (like different ways of burning) and minting, but nobody will earn anything as it will be once more restarted before it goes live.

In my gut, I have a feeling this process could be finished in two hackethons (sprints of 48 hours coding on a weekend - without or little  sleeping). I live currently in Washington, DC (any marketing Rimbiters
or technical inclined - willing to learn - people near me?) but will be in Linz, Austria in October. I think I could host a public crypto currency hackethon at my university in Linz on a weekend in October - maybe I can also throw in some pizza paied out of my own pocket as well as attract some of my own students (anybody near Linz?). If somebody can provide space (even privately) near or in Linz (Munich, Salzburg, Vienna?), we can also do it there.

A) On the first hackethon, I would like to bring it to the closed beta  testing stage - I guess I would need at least two more trusty developers I could meet face to face to pull off the technical side.

B) Before that, some more marketing-related people should think about a new name and simple logo (no we don't need a new webpage, we can start doing communication on bitcoin talk and even this forum). Let's keep it very simple and genuine.

C) We also need a round table (I would even consider giving this a different name - like core group) of really trustful (maybe even elected) members, who can make decisions like: how much should be burned and if
some of the remaining coins should be allocated to some developers or core group members or even a faucet or to all converting members (just some ideas, we can also decide to burn all access and only work with interest). We could also remove silent/sleeping members from the other forum. Or even only whitelist the current members. However, this should be community decisions.

D) On the hackethon it would be also good to have marketing people who define a vision or mission, white papers, flyers etc. to attract new members.

E) Maybe also a think tank group could think about alternate ways (like a better affiliate program) to sell our new coins or even other services. This group could also set milestones when we want to achieve what.

F) After achieving beta stage, we need to do decent testing and try out some crazy things - this should probably at least involve 10 people who are actively minting the beta coin (who have their beta-wallet running).

G) If the core-group agrees, we restart with my block-chain-copy, apply the changes we agreed on and go live with hopefully at least 30 active members.

H) We establish a service how new members get some start capital and start trying to get listed on exchanges or use our own new inventions as a replacement of an exchange.

What do you think?


Just to add to this - I am actually unsure if we should spent so much energy on gathering evidence that Mark/CH is a scammer. I don't think that we can convince him to open up. We are not here to exercise justice but more because we believed in some of the underlying ideas Mark abused to trick us.

Therefore, I would prefer, if we start working on a plan B and do something constructive. The worst outcome there would be that we are invested in two similar cryptocoins.
You got my attention. I am open to the idea but, as most members, I don't have much time for development/marketing of any sort of coin. When I bought my first rimbits off the IGG campaign, I never though that I would have to work for it. I mean, I gave my cash and still had to do some work. I candidly decided to give it about an hour a day, 7 days a week to help the community. I guess that I am not the only one in that situation. And for real marketing job, we will need cash... that (now we know) was spend on cars, bikes and toys. And, I doubt that old members will be open to give anymore cash... At least not the kind of cash we already gave, and not without any real good plan to make it work.

That's how I see the situation now, other members may look at this differently, of course.
I like this idea and I agree also with Cell's post. The amount of money and time that I have put into Rimbit I cannot afford again just now due to the changes in personal circumstances since 2 years ago. However, I would do what I can to help.

On the technical side, I am no use at all sadly.

If Rimbit had been marketed properly instead of by shaming us, then liar Mark Karlsson would be a billionaire by now driving a fleet of bikes etc.
I agree with your suggestion and apologies also for my own absence in the past few days. I will be on and off over the next few weeks unfortunately, just a little busy with a few changes at work.

I think you are right, no matter what we do, it seems CH will just carry on with his own greedy ways. It's clear he plans on repeating his cycle with some of the recent updates, now even suggesting buying back and reselling Rimbit in the future (clearly a ploy to keep his income going).

Based on this, the only real option we have is to put our energy towards something constructive, rather than wasting our time scheming to rid Rimbit of CH. So I like your suggestion of moving forward with a 'new' coin. Sadly I'm of know help on the technical side as this isn't my area of expertise, but I can and will try help where I can and will certainly push the direction that we decide to go.

Interested to hear what others think also. Keep up the good work tw0t, I like your direction.
Yes...tw0t we need to talk. I'm just too busy these week. Moms birthday, meeting at special school...etc.

Plan B is a good idea.

Anyway we are still collection evidence of fraud and would like to confront Mark with it. He can choose to burn and it's a win win...for all of us. We don't need to do more.

If he refuses we talk to the police and work on plan B.

Let's soon have that meeting on Skype.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

This is one of the best and most interesting things since long time I have heard on the forums.
I stand completely behind your idea.
Since you will be in Europe it vould be interesting if we meet somewhere central between different members location.
Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich,...
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

I think Cbreum's way is our best plan right now. Still, I want to clarify my thoughts. This forum will soon show what we all know now: we were 30 to 50 (at most) "real" investors in money and in the activities of the forum. We gave about 80% of the $200K that was stolen. The rest is mostly ghost with pocket money and/or characters invented to make us believe that we were still making it. In that 30 to 40, the majority (let's say 60%, to be optimistic) have a real life, with kids, family, job, etc. and no time for this. So, you end up with around 15 persons, with a little more time than the rest, but not that much, and most important no real technical knowledge.

What I am trying to say, Tw0t, is that we all agree that your idea is interesting, but I can assure you that most of what you will get here is more cheering than real help. And I am not trying to discourage you in any way. I am just making it clear that you may end up with a team of 2 or 3 at most doing the technical work. Than, when it's done, we will be around 30-40 willing to help for marketing. But not full time. So, basically, you will end up doing the work almost alone, with almost no cash in retun... Except what you make if the new coin make it for good.

What (we thought) we have with the IGG campaign, was someone willing to take the lead and make it happen. We were wrong. So, when the time come and you end up doing all the job alone, with no cash in return, will you still be willing to share the profit with all of us? I am asking candidly with no anger at all... As an old man to what it seem to be a good young one. You know now, we are not in the BS world of Mark anymore, we better clear things up before we start any new project.
Nicely put Cell
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Cell is righr on the money. I do agree with everything been discussed here. But at the same time if we are to make a new coin what are we doing different to compete with over 700 coins on the market? Why not do a litter research and take the best from each one and combine it into one great coin?
Good, there seems to be some interest.

And, yes, I hope my integrity is high enough to not create fraud or dishonesty as CH. However, just to prevent any temptations, I will not work alone on this. I need at least one person who at least remotely works on this with me. And don't worry, we can do it slowly with hopefully less than an hour per day. I thought some face2face time and some hackethon bonding would accelerate things and maybe also bring some fun. I still think our strength is really the community and the believe that "not mining" and giving out coins not on the classic trade markets was a good idea - and this shoudl be our unique selling point as there are plenty other PoS coins.

This is also, why I would like to see the core group be established soon, so that the decision how much money will be burned in the "new" coin and how much the existing members keep or get will be decided by them.

Just some ideas: could we call the new coin something like these without violating trademarks:
- rimbitng
- truerimbit or honestrimbit
- tibmir
- RimByte

And Cell (or anybody else here), if you want to vet me, I would love to talk face to face to you. However, if you don't want to reveal your identity and don't trust private message on this forum, email me on bitmessage to BM-NBM9WyfZaRNS63XezkYY8mpgLYkPwJtm, we can agree on a voice conference on the tox network.


(2016-09-25, 04:23 PM) Wrote: Why not take the best from each one and combine it into one great coin?

I think we don't have the resources for this. My suggestion is to just copy rimbit and make some very tiny adjustments. If you look at, you can see some small changes from Matthew Mitchell in the last two years <- is this CH (maybe something for our forensic group).
This seems to be mainly concerned with renaiming things, so we just have to follow the same changes to create our own coin.

We could though consider to merge in some changes from novacoin to maybe fix some bugs.


Or, see my other thread, we can brainstorm to plan something new, but I think, this will not be a short term solution - I am kind of dreaming of a coin which rewards decentralization in terms of amount of world coverage (in terms of location) and provided bandwidth.

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