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Economical situation 2020 (Corona)
Also less dead here. Set in perspective we have 15.000 dying for smoking related deceases each year alone in Denmark. So I slowly start questioning the current strategy. The reason is that the capacity are still giving room for 80% more more cases here in Denmark, so why not open up a bit more to avoid killing every self employed. Also IT-consultants are hit by a decrease in sales of 67%! That's massive numbers to save the lives of a few thousands.

I find it sad for each dead person by the virus, but if more is now dying by the isolation both financially, mentally and physically (because of postponed treatment) then we are doing more harm than good. For me that time to open up more has come. We can handle it by still keeping social distance. Go to the hairdresser that has mask and you as a customer will also wear a mask. Go to a restaurant with extra spacing between tables and waiters wearing masks....etc...we need to think in a new way and get the wheels turning again. If not then we are all doomed.
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