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IGG sent another status update...I replied this

Updates from ‘Rimbit Crypto Development’

Carsten Breum 
Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 7:58 AM
To: Indiegogo Customer Happiness <>
Cc: Mark Karlsson <>

Thanks for the update. Take a look here Attached in that post a document sent to the Thai police.

I know from the forum that others also have reported him both to the police and to IGG to stop him from mass mailing.

Mark Karlsson has committed fraud and is a scammer. His lies continues in the forum he runs with almost no users because he lost the sale in here so now he dumps the price on his own homepage (that is currently down) and do not fulfill the original campaign text to destroy the remaining Rimbit at the end of the campaign. See the orginal text here:

"Rimbit will be the first coin in the history of Crypto Currency to have full distribution.

On April 18, 2015 history will be made and those who have Rimbit will be part of the new generation of Crypto Currency users who are in full control of the currency, with no outside influence. The world can have its first look at a 100% distributed digital currency and can begin watching it very closely as it will be the benchmark for Bitcoin and other alternative currencies on the market, as they reach their 100% distribution in 100 years (or so)!

History was made when Bitcoin first came onto the digital currency radar in 2009 and can be looked at as Uri Gagarin being the first man in space.
History will also be made when Rimbit hits 100% distribution in April 18, 2015 and can be looked at as Neil Armstrong being the first man to step foot on the surface of the moon.


With full distribution comes great interest in digital currency that no matter how you deconstruct it, is 100% fully decentralized, 100% fully distributed and has absolutely no outside influences, such as mining, currency control etc. It can for the first time in history, be viewed as the pivotal turning point in the digital currency market.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind, also runs true for Rimbit as it takes its journey to April 18, 2015, approximately 220 days from the time this article is written.

To ensure that April 18, 2015 remains as the date for 100% distribution, we have also decided to destroy any Rimbit still in initial holding, by sending any remainder to a dummy wallet that is on a USB drive and having a final sacrificial burning of those last coins.

It will truly be a great day on Saturday April 18, 2015 as Rimbit makes its mark on history! To those lucky to have Rimbit on that day, we would like to thank you all for your faith and more importantly, your foresight in Rimbit, that may have had its doubters, but has truly come forward and become the full decentralized currency that others will aspire to. We didn't start out as decentralized, but we had to make it that way, to achieve the goals that we have already set out to do and the rewards of scarcity, decentralization are truly belonging to any Rimbit holder. The future is yours!" 

Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

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Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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