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Christmas Church Service
On the Sunday before Christmas I was at a local church service with some of my kids.

I came away with the message that I needed to go out and buy a silly Christmas jumper.  I heard nothing about mangers, angels, good news to all humanity, nor even anything about the baby Jesus being a rebel or a refugee or whatever trendy thinking is saying today.  However the Rev had a silly Christmas jumper on and thought that we all ought to have one and indeed wear one to the Christmas day service.

I came out of the service thinking that this was an utter load of rubbish and a waste of time.  

My 11 year old said that it was strange that a service for Jesus birth had no Jesus mentioned in it!  She was right, I struggled to remember if Jesus was actually named at all in the whole service!

We did not go back on Christmas day for the service - more important things to do such as tidy up wrapping paper Smile

I do not really want to start off a religion debate but why on earth (or in heaven!) is the church not taking this chance of strangers being present and letting them know something of this life changing message they are supposed to be telling others about.

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