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Good to know some have time for vacations! Crazy busy here... selling one house and building a new one (well "renovating" is the official word... but considering what my wife wants for changes... it is almost like building)... But, I am doing a gift to myself too... I will have my own men's den over a 40 X 50 ft garage... Own bar, TV set, etc. But also my own wood workshop, because I like to make wood furniture (hobby). At the speed we are working... it will take decades to finish (man, finding good contractors is not easy task). Smile
Doing up property can be great fun but also a nightmare - especially if you are living in it whilst works are happening.

Now that is some garage and men's den - we could all visit you and your wife would not know we were there! If it is not too late I would vote for a sauna to be added to the den before we all arrive Smile
Hi to all and thanks.

We are back from a week of great vacation. It was super fantastic and the weather was perfect. Sun Sun Sun and clear blue sky. Around 25 C (in the shadow) which is perfect for me.

Drove around to see some of the island after breakfast each day and then back to the hotel to lunch and free bar. LOL. I haven't been hungry for the past days. Simply too much food to try there. Everything was paid for. Just go ask for any kind of drink and you got it. Beer. You got it. Wine sure. Food was available from 8-24 in different locations.

CTA in the morning some canary island birds and parrot's was sitting in the palm tree just beside our terrace and singing for me until the sun came up. I'm not a bird man like you but they lave fine colors like a Tucan. :-)
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(2018-12-05, 08:12 PM)cta102 Wrote: Haha of course can see the blog...

If you don't like birds and nature, then not for you.

Very good pictures! You could sell them to nature books i believe they are that good! Also i'm not a bird guy at all, but i guess now i can learn a bit!
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Yeah nice pictures, just saw them! You should think selling them to specialized web sites...
Thanks guys, but just a hobby. I sell some to friends and give some talks.

Mainly my aim is to encourage people to get interested in nature.

There are about 10,300 different species birds and I want to try and photograph 5,000 of them. I am at 1,920 now
Seems there is enough birds left for many years to come!
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Silly question time!
So do chickens count as one species or are they split into many groups?

We had three breeds of chicken Rhode Rock, White Leghorn and Isa Brown - all very good looking, and all photographed for our various family calendars over the years. Sadly no girls just now but hopefully get some more next year.

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