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72 Hours Left To Invest in
If you are supporting free speech investing in Gab is what you should do. Got this email from them:


Hello everyone,

As of this writing we have under 72 hours left to accept investments in We have about $20,000 left before we hit our goal of $1.07m. We are so proud and humbled to have the support of 1300+ investors who will be joining us on our journey to build the home of free speech online. With this capital we will be able to expand our engineering team, refine the product, and work on our own internal infrastructure to see to it that Gab stays online, thrives, and continues to grow.
The minimum investment is $252 and we are proud to once again involve The People in the process. If you are interested in investing, now is the time to do so. Achieving our fundraising goal will send a clear message to the lying mainstream media, vicious political activists, and others who have been attacking our community and infrastructure from every angle over the past few weeks. Thanks to The People, Gab has proven itself to be anti-fragile and resilient.
We now have a stable hosting provider and domain registrar who are both standing by our side in the fight for free speech online. We highly recommend you transfer any domains you have to to show your support to our new registrar, who has also been under attack by the media, political activists, and more. If you have domains on GoDaddy or anywhere else, please consider transferring them over to
If you're interested in investing in Gab and becoming a shareholder, you can learn more and do so here in the next 72 hours:

Thanks, and remember to speak freely!

Thanks and remember to speak freely!"
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