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Me... and my crazy life
Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I regularly read all your posts and comments... but don't have time to answer as fast as I use to do. First, Mrs Cell and I are making some plans for the next winter... We might move, but we are not yet sure about that. But, just planning this is taking a lot of my time.

Secondly, after the death of my father, we (as a family) are discovering things that are somewhat hard to deal with (well, not for me, but for some of my brothers and sisters). He was a wealthy crazy man... and, you know, money attracts sharks and problems. My father's papers are a mess... he was also a well known man which is another part of the problem. And, I was the one that my father choose to take care of all this mess after his death... well.

So these two events in my like, added to my work (I still work... I don't know if I should, but I can't stop for my own sake right now), take me all my spare time... So take all my silences for what they are: just the consequence of a really busy life for an old man.

I don't even play tennis more than two hours a week right now... My game shape is suffering a lot! Wink
My condolences for the loss of your father. I lost min to cancer some years ago so I know how it is. My father was just middle class and no hidden secrets showed up.

Thanks for the update Cell. This is just a hobby site so don't worry about it. If you plan to move then I for sure understand that there is a lot to think about and much time is needed for planning. I hope you figure it all out.

Regarding tennis. I don't play during winter at all. I even have a hard time doing weight training 5-6 times pr. week. Sometimes it's only 3 times pr. week now. Getting old here as well.
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Ha ha ha... lifting weight "only" 3 times pr. week would be my idealistic goal right now!

My father had multiple health problems... he was a smoker for one (cigarettes and cigars)... so this is what killed him mainly. He died 2 years after he maried a 28 yo women... so, I guess he died happy... But, man, his life was a mess in every sense of the word. I guess in a year from now, we will be settled with all that sh!t.
My father was a heavy smoker from child and until I was around 8 years old. Then he stopped. Just stopped. Still the smoking was the root cause of the cancer many many years later. It ended up spreading and it took 2 years of surgery and a hell lot of pain before he got drugged by morphine and died on a cold Saturday night holding my mothers hands. I wasn't there even the nurse call me (it's a 175 km drive to the hospice). It's not fun to recall and write it here.

Sorry...I don't know what to say about your father Cell. He must have been around 80 and still he married a 28 old woman Big Grin He must have been some kind of guy.
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Sorry for your loss Cell.
It is a pity about the circling sharks, sadly it seems inevitable these days.

No fights in my family - no one has been well enough off!
When I was younger we lived in a semi-detached property and our neighbours lived a very frugal life - they had tape fixing a hole in the carpet for example, and drove an old car. When they died they left a fortune to various charities and one donation was of several million to buy a lifeboat! A lovely couple but there was no sign of any money!

Best wishes to you and yours from me and mine in Scotland.
My condolences, cell.
I feel very sorry about the loss of your father.
I suppose we all had (or have) some kind of crazy life.
It is not always what you expect it to be.
If I have to tell you the story of my life it would take long to write down and it could make you feel blue.
So I am not going to do it in here and now. Maybe later when we all get the chance to meet.

Wish you lots of strength.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?


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