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There was no Big Bang and a Black Hole has a bottom!!!
(2018-10-16, 04:05 PM)Junior Wrote: Flat earth people are just sorry to say stupid. There is many way's to prove they are wrong + just look at the moon at night it's round not flat so most likely the earth is also round. But you know something is wrong with them when many of them stand in a video an yell "WE ARE NOT CRAZY" that's how you know they are xD.
Believing in the flat earth theory is as stupid as saying a square has no corners.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

and yet people do it and have audiences and conferences too.

I agree it is bizarre but I think some people make a living out of fleecing the punters with flat earth theory.
Flat earther do exist... I know some in a friend's circle... I just stopped try to argue with them... they are just too good to avoid the good question... really good actually!
Many are fascinated by conspiracy theories as well. We did not go to the Moon! Big Grin

The real problem in these days is that our young people get boxed information on social medias and if we are not careful they are not critical to the information they receive. It's important to know the source of information and to know if that source is trustworthy. (Facebook and twitter are not!) If the young people don't learn to be critical we will face a huge problem as a global society with misinformation and fake news blooming all over.
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