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Rimbit wallet dead
There are so many agendas around - a chance to get rid of the May govt inspires a lot of people I am sure but I see Brexit as a chance for Scotland to leave the UK so that colours my attitude too. I am not a fan of the EU but it is quite possibly better than any and all alternatives. Isolationism cannot be good (at least probably cannot be good!) and I would hope that the EU fosters a sense of togetherness in Europe that brings people, of all cultures etc, together. However, that may be idealist thinking not routed in the real world.

I cannot see a Brexit with no deal in place being a good thing for anyone in the EU or UK
I agree with you Bob. I don't know enough about if it's good or bad for Scotland to leave UK so I have to trust you on that.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Hi Dankly... Welcome here. Just so you know, my wallet still work on an old MacOs.

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