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The unfair price of getting a coin listed on an exchange.
Exchanges earns a lot of money. The owners are becoming filthy rich not only for the trading fee's, but also for the coin and token listings. We certainly need fair decentralized exchanges sooner than later.

"According to research from Autonomous Next LLP, cryptocurrency exchanges are raking in millions of dollars from ICO operators seeking to secure a spot for their tokens on high-volume trading platforms.

“It sounds like the market price to list a crypto token on an exchange is $1 million for a reasonably regarded token, to $3 million for an opportunity to get quick liquidity,” the firm wrote. “We don’t know these numbers with certainty, but suspect the order of magnitude to be roughly in line with today’s reality.”"

Read also what an exchange listing can do for the price of for instance Lisk.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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