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Taken Triology
Just finished the Taken trilogy with Liam Neeson.

The first one was the best - though I did think that the action scenes were looking too choreographed.  I did like that action man Liam was hurt and showing injuries when all too often the hero is unscathed by these sorts of encounters.

In the first Taken, the premise is that his daughter is travelling from the USA to Europe where she is marked by human traffickers and abducted.  Liam flies in from the States and basically kills everyone in the gang with various methods used.  Neeson is a former Special Forces agent and uses all his talents and connections to win the day - just!

Taken 2 - the families of those Neeson killed in the original film are after revenge!  This was the poorest of the three films by quite a way. Belief needed to be suspended at times as his daughter had clearly inherited her fathers Special Forces abilities!  Not a bad film but just not to the same standard.  Again lots of choreographed fight scenes and streets that were either near empty for high speed chases or near fully packed to slow things down!  The film ends far too quickly for no reason - just why did the Albanian father seemingly give up?

Taken 3 - much better than Taken 2 but again the hole in the plot was glaring.  Neeson who checks out everyone's background did not seemingly check or notice that his ex-wife was with someone who had dodgy business connections with the Russians.  Plus one of the team just happened to leave a gun handy for the "surprise" baddy to grab.  Other than that it was well paced, good fights, again overly choreographed perhaps, but more believable.  The arch Russian baddy, although a Special Ops person in Russia once had clearly forgotten how to shoot, as had Liam, but it meant they could have some hand to hand combat!

Overall, worth a watch.  I am not sure I would buy the dvds brand new, but if you see them second hand definately worth watching after a hard days gardening!
They are fine for a day where you are in the mood for some action movies on the couch.

Who uses DVD's these days? Quality is simply too poor. I'm getting used to the series and movies on Netflix in 4K. It of course requires you to have a 4k screen. The difference between 4k and HD is not that big, but 4k is so good that it all comes down to how the camera is focused. Things in focus is incredible sharp.
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I use DVDs! Cheap boxsets from ebay are the way to go! My 14 yo watches Netflix, on someone elses account but she assures me it is legal. When ill in bed a while ago she watched a whole boxset on Netflix in a day!
hehe bob. Maybe you are older than we think you are Big Grin
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Didn't watch the third one...
I would not go out of my way to get the third one but it is definitely better than the second one! I notice on the review pages that generally others think differently to that, the series got worse as it went on but I disagree.

Carsten - We should have a guess the age competition - on the other hand - maybe not!
An age competition is probably not a good idea!
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