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Plan B talk with tw0t
Hi all

I had a Skype talk with tw0t today and what a great guy he is. 

We talked about personal stuff first and then went on to the more serious stuff about the future of Rimbit. As it is now Mark sit's on the majority of the coins and there is no indication of any kind of burn so we must consider our investment as lost more or less. We could go have that friendly talk with him over a beer....but he is a scammer and will not change his mind.  So what now? 

We should still warn others about the #rimbit #scammer Mark Karlsson, and push him further into a corner so he no longer can sell Rimbit, and of course he should do jail time.

What we have here is a community of some very smart core members with different kinds of skills that could work to our advantage. We could create our own coin based on the trust we have for each other and share an initial amount among the core members. It doesn't have to be that hard as you think to create a new coin from a technical point of view. Tw0t will together with me draft a paper to contact some of the guys that knows the internal working of cryptos and should it cost us like $1000 to get a modified coin I think and hope the core members here will back it. One of the very strong selling point for the new coin is the open and honest community we have. The core group should meet on Google Hangout or Skype and talk about the new coin and figure out how we should manage the new coin. We  also need a board of core members to control the direction we for the coin. 

Yes, we will need to invest some time in creating a new coin, but compared to the other coins ours will be premined like Rimbit and backed by a trusted core group. That will make our coin one of the most trusted coins ever. We have an open and honest talk in here and in the old Rimbit forum that is much more intelligent than what goes on in many of the other forums. 

Regarding creating a new coin we can also ask some of the existing ones what they did to cost nothing but a little time.
Maybe one of the existing coins is willing to give of "a million" of their coins to share among the core members if we back their coin.

Now this is just an initial talk we had and we are very curious of your reaction to this?

What we will do if the reaction is positive about creating a new coin is to create a closed forum for the core group in here. The reason for that is not to hide anything but there is some sensitive information that could be misused by "rouge" persons out there.

Have a great evening everyone and especially you tw0t.

Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Dear Carsten, dear community,

Thanks for the endorsement. I know I am often a little to quiet here on the forums, but I really read most of what is posted. The endorsement goes of course both ways and I would also like to take the opportunity here to vouch for Carsten.

I will also have a chat one on one chat with Hugues in the next days and would welcome chats with any of the more active members here to establish trust (and no, no need to expose your identity if you don't want to, just want to understand your way of thinking and build trust).

I am looking forward to building on the positive experience I have witnessed here between the current forum members and am confident that we will be able to create something new and probably even better and truer than Rimbit has been.

Let's get suggestions, ideas, and critique rolling and create the thing, we were looking for, when we invested in Rimbit

My first thought is that I am open to the idea. As I mentionned it though, I don't have much time nor techie's abilities to do any of the job required to do any of these tasks. Am I willing to invest money... That, I will see later. I would like to know what is required to have any return of the investment. By example, what are our chances to be listed on any exchange? Does real marketing guy/team will be needed to make it happen? What will be the crypto-community response with another (pre-mined) coin? I think that we should have a plan. What liar hippie had is ressources: money ($200K), crypto knowledge, marketing knowledge, he (was?) is a C-CEX mod, an active bitcointalk member, etc. We have the will, a "fan base" of around 20 or so enthousiasts, some techie guys, and perhaps some hundred to invest if we all make an effort. Is this enough? What will we bring to the world? You know what "they" will ask: "what is new in your coin? What does it bring to the crypto world?".

As a successful business man, I can only see one way to do that: find a "niche" marketing. Concentating all our effort on one "population" instead of trying to replace Bitcoin at first. Say that we decide that our new coin will be use for kids at school (just saying) and that every school in the world could use our crypto to teach economy, buy incentives for kids, be use as a allowance bank for parents, etc. All our effort would be directed to that niche first. When it become bigger, we can aim at other niches. It could be with farmers, lawers, I don't know, but I think a niche would be the way to go.

What made the success of Rimbit, for a while, is that it was aimed at non-techie persons. Like myself. The IGG campaign reached ordinary people who wanted to have the Bitcoin potential returns with the ease of day to day money.

Well, you see where I stand for. For now, I am all ear and eyes opened but I don't see that it will be a walk in the park... Can't wait to see what others have to say about that.
Very good points, Cell. Even if I am a tech person, i was also very much attracted by the fact that normal human beings could buy Rimbits - and by its community.

I think we could also market to a not too tech focused community.

We could be a "friendly" coin.

And maybe also trustful - so, if we really define a nice core group to start with and have some transparence in there, people might appreciate the trust.
This post is for all members who posted in this thread.

You cannot imagine how happy I am to hear there is a good understanding between few of the members.
This is one of the first and most important things needed before starting something new together.

I think I agree on all point mentionned above.
Even the non techies in the core group can have an important role.

What I was thinking about was at least 2 people should be in charge of financial matters. Why 2 (or more)?
When there is a decision to be made with financial consequences (payments for example). In that case there can never be a financial transaction without agreement of the 2 or more persons in charge.
The reason why I suggest this is not because I do not trust you guys. The reason is because I want to build a reputation of fairness and honnesty to outsiders. We do not need a scammers reputation.

Now let the other suggestions come....

Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

The purpose of the first initial post was to see if the core members are interested in talking this further. Otherwise there is no point in continuing.

As I said we have a very dedicated core group that would like Rimbit to succeed, but it does seem to be a dead end. That core group has shown in posts everywhere that they are smart and in combination with our different skills we could actually make a new coin succeed. We have always raised the right questions, communicated honestly and open. We can use that to our advantage and create the true Bitcoin replacement. I know it would require some dedication and time from the core group members and it's hard to find so we need to find a momentum that fit's all.

Regarding the financial matters Hugues we need to talk privately with the rest of the core group on the strategy, but I think the entire core group should  have a say on every "major" financial matter.

We still need responses from Bob, Byre, Dead5pur, cta102, Frudel, ernstMreicher, craig as I see them as the most important people in this forum.  Maybe if we agree to continue we need to figure out who should be in the group. I will also ask JSKramer if he would like to join if this is a go.

Have a great day everyone.

PS: If anyone want's a Skype or Hangout talk with me fell free to contact me.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

I'm happy to go with the flow. I'll help where I can.
I am interested in this idea too. I do not have much to offer technically. At best I can test but nothing before that stage. I can offer limited financial help but not as much as I would like to do!

I like and trust the people in the thread so far and am happy to follow their lead. I do not require to have seat on any board / RTG etc.

I would like to see a rough plan of what we are going to do, timescales and costs too. If people here need paid, then I do not have an issue with that, as long as everything is transparent. I realise that we will make mistakes along the way and that we do not know or can plan for everything, so lets not be afraid of mistakes, and lets not cover anything up.

I think we can do this but it will be a lot of work and cost a lot of money too.
Craig thanks. We need to do a PM so I know your skills.

Bob you are a one of the most important non tech guys at all. You said you are not an original thinker etc....but time and time again you have made extreme good post and hard questions in the old forum that Mark never answered. I have to insist you will be part of the core team.

As I said to tw0t let's see the reaction from the important members in here and then let the idea mature in our minds for some days. Anyway I'm happy to see the responses until now.

Hugues I would also like to talk to you on Skype or whatever you prefer...
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

I second this. Bob would give tremendous input to keep something like a vision statement of our community sound and real.

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