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Spinshot tennis ball machine

I will get the machine today. Big Grin
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I worked with a guy who was ranked #2 in Scotland for his age (I cannot remember something like under 13 or under15), and he told me that to be #1 in Scotland or even #1 in the UK for his age, he would need to close on double his practice time. I knew him when he was 20 and his competitive tennis days were behind him. The sacrifice was just too great for him to push on to the next level. In his spare time he coached at the local club where he had an amazing love life (if he was to be believed!).

The only time I ever saw him on a court I was shocked at how hard he hit the ball, and it was in too! I have not seen him for a long time but I have sometimes wondered if he looks at Andy Murray and thinks about what might have been.

I don't think I have hit a ball on a court since the kids came along, but my shots were all just looping ones that may or may not be in. I would choose squash over tennis, but only if iwere playing someone as equally good/bad as myself.

Good luck with the machine and with the competitions!
If you dedicate yourself to something you also reject doing something else. The mentality is to stay positive about the progress you make doing the one thing you love the most and not see it as a sacrifice. If you do that you will start thinking about what you are missing and then you will no longer commit fully.

In theory that would work. I never managed to do that except for committing to my University studies back in the days.

Sad about the guy that was very talented. Anyway a good love life could also make him very happy.

I will beat the machine tomorrow Big Grin Thanks Bob!
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It arrived yesterday! Big Grin

[Image: DAksHaGW0AEH7HV.jpg]

[Image: DAksQuVXUAAlJUo.jpg]
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Don't use it in the house!
Wow, I'm jaleous... my wife would not let buy one those... knowing that I would dedicate even more time to play tennis. I could make the club buy one though. Smile I'm looking forward to hear from your experience!
NO Bob. There is a warning to not stay in front of the machine unless you at least 10 m away.

Cell. The trick is NOT to tell the wife until it's too late! Big Grin

I was out with the machine today. It was okay, but not as precise as I thought it would be. It also lost connection to my phone from time to time. I think it's going to take 3-4 more times on court to figure out to make the right programs for me. It wasn't hitting the ball as hard as I would have liked. Maybe some more adjustment can fix that. If you want you can make it move you around a lot! In a month or two I should write you more about it.
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Good! It is always better to read from real users experience, thank you for sharing Carsten! Smile
Regarding connection to the machine. The guys who sold it gave some advice. I had to find the antenna and verify that the connection was not loose. After adjusting I tried turning on the machine at home (without balls) and when far away. I could still start/stop and change drills, customize drills etc.. Hopefully that was it!

Was out playing tennis with one of my friends today. Weather here is perfect. I'm relaxing at the pool now! Big Grin
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Weather here is very hot and sunny for Scotland - very nice indeed. I am away for a long weekend with the kids plus one of their friends - much potential for no sleep and too much noise!

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