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Vision + Goals
Hi All,

As per our discussion in one of the other threads, we want to ensure everyone here is on the same page so that we can all move forward together. As such, I think it is a good idea to put into writing a set of goals and our overall vision. 

I think in the true nature of our aspirations, it would nice for community members to have some input into this. Once confirm, perhaps we can create a sticky thread outlining our chosen vision and goals. 

To get us started, I have outlined some basic thoughts below that I am sure will be improved upon by all of you Smile You will note that I have not mentioned Rimbit at all, as at this stage it is up in the air as to whether we will have the chance to 'better' Rimbit, or if we will have to jump ship to another currency or create a new one. Again, open to discussion of course.

Our vision is to have a truly decentralised cryptocurrency that is supported and managed by the community. We aim to provide the masses with access to a digital currency that they otherwise may never get the chance to be a part of.

  • To encourage community participation by utilising the experience and expertise of all members (e.g. web design, marketing, trading, developing etc...).
    (In a way, the above could be described as an 'open source' community, as we encourage development from everyone in whatever capacity they are able to work with). 
  • As with any investment, our goal is to gain a return on investment (ROI) over time
  • To encourage and teach non-tech minded people the values and opportunities of crypto / digital currency
  • To have our currency used in a purchasing environment
Now, goals should be achievable. Currently what I have written doesn't really contain any targets to make them achievable, so we will need to work on this I think. 

Let's use this as a starting point and expand together. Look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.  

If you are unsure where to start by defining visions, goals and even objectives, here is a handy link for you -

I think we all agree on that. That's good to have.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

I absolutely agree.
We have some IT techs in this forum. This should work.
A new coin or a healed and better Rimbit.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

I realy like the idea of Dead5pur.

If we can save rimbit it would save us a lot of work, time, and money.
But if not we could consider creating a new one.

I realy liked the concept of Rimbit:
1) preminted
2) interest (5% or evenmore) for open wallets
3) creation of a hardware wallet. My Raspberry Pi made by Prioguy realy works fantastic but it needs some more features and a more attractive user interface.

But the amount of coins shouldn't be to high. 360 million was to much.

To avoid having a reputation of being a scam we should find a way the coin make people believe it is a seriuos project.
Any suggestion is welcome.

My idea for this:
The coin should be purchased at a reasonable price price on launch. Hopefully value will go higher in time.
Let's use 50% of the income for development, PR, founders fee ( after success) and the other 50% could be donated to charities.

Please come with other suggestions!
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

Very good start!
Add transparency somewhere. That the community is a community and not a dictatorship
(2016-09-26, 04:31 PM)No Longer Silent Wrote: Add transparency somewhere.  That the community is a community and not a dictatorship

Yes. Very important.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

Thanks Dead5pur,

I would also like to have some kind of core management/trust group (or round table) structure.
Maybe have even some members in there who are at least persons for first contact regarding technical, legal, marketing/press or other matters of concern. I even wouldn't mind if these persons had access to some of the preminted capital. We could even do something fancy that in the setup process each special wallet for this purpose has some special key attached which is divided by 4 with a parity mechasnism and you can re-create it by three of the four members.

Maybe, we should take a look at other open source communities. Maybe looking at Debian as a model is slightly overkill. Or, maybe somebody has a good example of another small cryptocurrency which we could copy?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your positive responses and suggestions. One thing I am enjoying about this forum is the atmosphere in comparison to the other forum, at least lately anyway! It's nice to have a group of people providing positive suggestions and input in an open environment.

This 'open source' community idea intrigues me and I think it fits with the values of our small and hopefully growing community and Rimbit, or whatever 'name' or 'coin' we proceed with.

I agree with including transparency as this is very important and something we all want to be very clear on, having been spurned by this previously. Transparency builds trust. A crypto currency needs trust to exceed.

I also agree that the core group needs to be established, but this needs to be done carefully and openly. I dislike the name round table personally as it makes it sound childish and also reminds me of the other forums failed attempt (we all know why!). I think we should stick to something like core group, management, board trust group etc... As to who would be involved, well that's up for the community to put themselves forward or nominate someone.

Would it be worth starting a nomination thread? The idea would be to allow all of the community to nominate anyone. We could then go via the most nominations or votes and if those people accept the roles, we go from there? We would also have to establish how many would sit in this core group. Obviously each person nominated should be able to bring some level of expertise to the table as mentioned, whether it be investment, leadership, marketing, technical knowledge etc...
About the core group, see that other thread:

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