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Some news from his forum
NickP seems to enjoy himself... Marcello made him a mod. if he is real, he has no clue at all. And then, there is that IronUvula (what a name!) asking about the chinese firm... and of course Marcello answer the same BS as usual:

"Nothing.. I suspect it was a hoax....
Some people have nothing better to do"

Well, how those members can exist without asking themself why there is no activity on the forum... or they are Marcello puppets... or they really are clueless!
The forum is even more dead than this one. lol.

Maybe they two guys don't know about the fraud he commited? Maybe they don't know about this site? or about ByreStraits page?

Maybe they are just inventions of Mark himself....only Mark knows that.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

I do not think NickP was a puppet. I could be wrong but I think he was a genuine person. Making him a mod just shows that the existing mods have left but did not even bother to say "bye" to Mark Karlsson!

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