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His last post
You probably all saw his last BS post about how he worked hard and alone... and that best part:

"I need an income, which I gave away a few years ago, to work Rimbit to my full ability and had given every waking moment to, for the past 3 years,"

Yeah... he gave away nothing as he gain HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS from our hard earned money...  Now, Marcello, go find a real job and, I hope, get scammed by someone who will steal from you the way you did with us. 

He still keeps the burn countdown running... what a delusional man! 
Yes. He had the chance, but couldn't resist to show the "dark side" and accuse us for doing nothing and then play dirty games with us in the forum. If he just had been an honest guy Rimbit would be sold for 10 cent or more today.

Anyway he made so much money that he does not suffer for the next 5 years or so, since the living cost in Thailand is ridiculous low.
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My guess is he has wasted our money by now. Imagine blowing $250,000 in 2 years!

It is a pitiful post, he is in the low cycle of his mental health problems.
Maybe he did so Bob, but that would be sooo freaking stupid, but you could be right.

Yes...nothing serious is coming from him anymore. Blaming others is all he can do.
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My guess is that he spend it all... or so, buying toys and paying beers to buddies. Some also suggested spending on prostitutes, which could also make sense, but I won't go there. The point is that he spend our money for himself and not for the project. Now, he needs a real job and he does not remember what it is to work for a living. Playing video games and making fake web sites is not how you bring foods on your family table anymore Marcello!
Maybe he is just making up another story about he is running low on money. He is very good at manipulating honest people. He also got mails from members telling him not to stop.... lol Who wrote that? Anyway he is maybe hoping for involvement again from members to invest more in Rimbit?

Nothing he says can be trusted. Like the Lymphoma that was diagnosed by Doc Sausage ?? lol ... is the Lymphoma real or fake? Who knows?
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Sadly my guess is that the cancer was fake too. I remember when the forum was busy, there were quite a few people offering their thoughts - people who obviously knew more about it through some personal or family experience. Mark Karlsson then got very annoyed and it became a banned subject. I think he was annoyed because these people knew a lot more about it than he did and were likely to catch him out.

It is a horrible thought that someone has faked cancer but sadly I think that may be the case.
I also remembered expressing my concern and support... but he never cared truly. He said something with a holistic approach together with his "wife" (they are not married....or?).

You could be right Bob...I also remembered he would not discuss it.
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Yes I am a physician and my wife died of lymphoma in 2011. I tried to offer him advice on chemo etc and cure rates, but he was going to go 'natural'. I guess that meant marijuana and cocaine
Sorry about your wife. Yes, cancer is brutal. My father died 4 years ago of bladder cancer that spread to bones and the whole body. The last week a pump with morphine kept the pain away and before that regular morphine injections was enough. It was the worst thing ever to see....even I have seen many sick and dead people in my life. The first years at university I worked at the local hospital (a big one) during my vacations and have been in operating rooms, at the emergency room, carried amputated legs, arms etc... even holding them while the doctor cut it off. Driving dead people to autopsy.... etc. Seen a lot but and yes sometimes I felt sad for the patients, but never like when my father died.
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