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Look in the
So now we have yet another post from Mark. Of course we should all write IGG and complain against the content since he talks inappropriate against others especially the Dogecoin (I have just written them). Then he starts talking about what makes a coin a success. Lol....nobody thinks it's the developer.....then he talks about the gadgets related to the coin.  I never thought of that. Then he talks about the community. Well. He banned us al because we (ByreStrait) found out that he lied and manipulated and had fake characters.....and now he asks for help again?  

One thing he's not mentioning for a coin to be successful is that the people behind are honest and trustworthy. They need to provide answers to the questions of potential investors. One thing HE never did, sorry forgot that there is a Rimbit team (WE).

Another thing is marketing and luck. We have yet to see a coin come near the success of Bitcoin. It was the first and with work and luck it got accepted as the internet currency and made some people very rich in a short period of time.

Lol...he forgot the WE in his post......enjoy:

"Why some Crypto does better than others – Its not about the gadgets
admin January 19, 2017 No Comments Rimbit News
For a long time now, Bitcoin has and is still raining supreme and even though there are now some great coins on the market, in fact, a lot better as Bitcoin still has a massive flaw that when it hits, will destroy its worth overnight.
But thats another story that I have talked about many times over!

So what is it that makes some coins get valued higher than some.
Many people think its the developer – FALSE
Some people think its the gadgets associated with them – mainly FALSE
Looking at the 3 main coins, Bitcoin Etherium and Dogecoin, the latter not being so much of a contender as it was more a stupid fad than anything, but does highlight the main principle of why a coin does get valued quite well.
All these 3 coins had one thing in common and that is a few people with the balls to promote it, even if initially it was the developer.
The simple fact of success is how the community promotes the coin or if they simply just wait for others to push it along and the rest just then ride the wave of fame and fortune.
You would think that anyone who has invested some serious time and or money in a coin would be out there with billboards that shout to the world that the coin they own is the best. because the reality of that scenario is that it will generate interest, just like that coin with a stupid dog logo and from there, the ride to riches is a shorter one.
[img=0x0][/img]But this doesnt happen in the majority of instances and instead, investors in a coin take to pointing the finger at the developer, completely believing that they can at a moments notice, or a flick of a finger, suddenly make a coin popular and valuable.
Of course this does not happen and if and when failure starts to set in, it is only the community that is to blame, as they decided that watching “Power Rangers” is more important than making a few million dollars.
So when a coin does start to fail, remember that it is more than likely the failure of the community to get behind their investment.
Look at every single winning product thats ever been released, from the wheel to the Mobile phone.
Pokemon Go is a great example of a recent success that was pushed by the community and quickly disappears as the community goes back to watching “Power Rangers”.
So community… its up to you to support your coin and failure to do so will result in failure and when and if it happens, make sure you point the finger at the success or failure of the coin to the person that you see in the mirror!"
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

If we had an honest developer then Rimbit could have succeeded. What Byre did was an excellent act. He could have kept quiet and sold off his Rimbit and made some of his money back but instead he went public with what some of us already knew but had not vocalised.

Quite a few of us had been pushing Rimbit with social mining (an awful term!) and with some help I think we could have done it. I was close to leafleting the whole of my community with Rimbit flyers. I had done the design work, agreed a price with the flyer distributor and was really just waiting for the wallet download issue to be sorted so that a new wallet downloads in one go simply for crypto newbies. I am sure others were pushing Rimbit in their own ways too. It would have come good if it had not been for the greed of Mark Karlsson. He could have been a multi millionaire rather than a billionaire if it were not for his greed. Now he has no hope and only pennies coming in.
Exactly Bob.

He is still owing me 1000 Rimbit for cracking his puzzle....when Rimbit hits $10 it could pay for a vacation in

Yes, you did a lot. I made tutorials on Youtube mentioning Rimbit in nearly all of them.

Yes he is selling out. Volume was $99 last 24 hour dropping the price 17% to $0.000487. He therefore sold around 205338 Rimbit.

I wonder who bought them? Makes no sense to buy Rimbit anymore.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Must be his followers... Hofer and Craig, I don't know. Anyway, the only one who is responsible for the Rimbit fail is Marcello himself. He took our money and bought toys and there was nothing left to make it happens. With the community we had and $200K+, I am pretty sure that Rimbit could be at 10 or 20 cents right now, which could be a pretty good return on our investment.
I have not yet put anyone for sale... (can easily be verified by my wallet address)

Why would Hofer or Craig buy Rimbit?

Sorry. But only stupid people would do that.

Ps. .did you buy lol. I did... I know in two years it's going above 600...

Argh. ... the stock market is sick. I hate myself for making money on it. I'm basically making money out of thin air. It's a sick system.
Someone is suffering because of the infected system.

Traders are the worst. They are raised to put every human emotion aside when trading. It's only about money. Not about people. Ergo a sick system..
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Following him is already a weird idea... so, why not buying air from him? I don't know... there is also NickP that seems to like him/them a lot...
Re-join under a new name and PM them.
If you rejoin then give us PM or updates in the members only forum...
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Got this answer from IGG.... they do nothing:

"Hi Carsten,

Thank you for contacting us. I've looked into your concern regarding Rimbit Crypto Development campaign. I wanted to let you know that your issue requires investigation from our Trust and Safety Team.)

I've already escalated your ticket accordingly, and you should be hearing from us very soon. Thanks in advance for your patience while we complete our investigation!

Customer Happiness

Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Says nothing, I assume that is what the need to do to cover themselves.

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