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On C-Cex
Rimbit is finding its level just now.

Very sad to see but there are now loads (19398) for sale at 0.00000253 BTC
Buys start at 0.00000212 BTC, which seems generous just now.  Really it is like throwing good money after bad.

If I could work out how to stick a picture in here from my hard drive, I would!
It won't stay like that if the new "plan" works. Let's say that I am buying $100 worth of rimbits (at 1.5 cents). Then, I want to make money and go to the exchange and sell them at 1.6 cents... but another affiliate also want to sell his, so he tried at 1.59 cent... and the next one at 1.58 and so on untill we reach 1.5000001 cents. Then, a months later, one member get fed up of his coins, so he sells them at 1.4, the market starts to move, and then the next one, also fed up, sells them at 1.3 and so on, until we get to the point that rimbit worth 0.00001 cent. That new plan makes no sense in any investor's way of looking at it. Or, maybe I am wrong, and you can explain what I don't understand about it.
You are right Cell...his new program makes no sense. (except for him)
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

The price is down even more today. 10000 at 0.00000213 and 14000 at 0.00000214

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