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This was on the website in August 2014
Get your Rimbit Wallet, Buy some Rimbit and get started in the Crypto Currency market while it still new and make profit after profit year after year as your Rimbit increases in value!

We will Double your purchase in Rimbit till 22nd August 2014.
So if you purchase $5 worth of Rimbit we will give you $10 Woth of Rimbit
All the way up to $250!
So if you buy $250 worth of Rimbit, we will give you a whopping $500 worth of Rimbit!
This offer ends 22nd August 2014


Now is that not a scam, telling people that they can profit year after year?  Or is it just lies?
Lies... Scam... All this if you ask me!
All that was marketing strategy full with lies to deceive uniformed honest people
I think claims like these were the reason IGG took the campaign down briefly. I'm not sure that it was paused, but I know the liar Marcelo Karlsson had to edit the text to remove any guarantee of profit … or something.
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