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Rimbit Affiliate is here
Hofer has posted on bitcointalk

I have not check out the link but the offer is 25% back in USD.
#2's scam of course. Read my answer on the link either there (if it is not removed or here):

"Then I buy for $100, get $25 for from the scammer.

I dump the Rimbit on an exchange and hope some will buy (they will not).

If I get them sold I buy for $100 again and get $25.....

sell them again...

It's a money making machine for me...if it was true.

It's not true. Nobody will buy the Rimbit on the exchange, so this is yet another another scam from Mark/Marcello or whatever his name is to make a bug.

Read this if you dare Hoffer:

A guy with forum name "sesshomaru"

"Hello gentlemen,

Without going into much details. I have to say that I personally know the weasel - Marcelo Rune/Karlsson, or as we call it in old days - the man commission.

I can tell you where your money are, because I know what he is and what he used to have before IGG campaign - nothing!

Your money are in 2 cars - old Honda Civic and a newer Toyota Vios, 3 motorbikes, a DSLR camera, big TV, 3 computers, toys and so on....

Mark used to has problem with alcohol and I think he still have. Most of your investment have gone into alcohol and cheap whores in Thailand. By the way, his wife is a former prostitute.

Many years ago, he was running a similar scam in Australia. I personally reported his IGG campaign few times without results.

Rimbit have never had any developers - Rimbit is NovaCoin fork. It was all DIY operation.

Personal suggestion - report him to Thai authorities, they will help you!"

and later this one

"That's where you are wrong. Demands on Thai family are huge, so what I say is important.

Yeah, he was running a financial scam in Australia, nobody ever seek anything regarding his last crimes, though this present case should not be left in the current state.

Marsello have always pretended with high IQ, but the fact are that he is a silly self-proclaimed designer. (Marsello is his real name, he is half Chilean and half Norwegian)

All his illnesses are fake. 100% fake, though his Facebook photos are real.

You can't imagine how many companies he have coned with his work in Thailand, especially in Pattaya.

One more time - he didn't had a car, he didn't had a fridge, TV and 3 motorbikes, nor digital camera, nor merchandise toys, telescope, before IGG campaign.

Check the facts - the money he pretended are spend on development are pure NovaCoin clone, the source code with all the bugs is on GitHub:

Rimbit website have never been on dedicated server, but get real low level unmmanged dedicated server cost $50, managed cost $100.

$3 after 1 year claim? Get real, there is no diplomatic reasoning with scammer. Luckily he is in Thailand and police authorities here are very strict as well as immigration rules.

Get him, until he is in Thailand"

Why do you follow him blindly? He called you very bad things and two days later you were best buddies.."
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Ha ha .... they deleted the post in bitcointalk!
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

I assumed it was just yours they deleted, but it was hofers too!
It was the whole thread they deleted! It just shows we are pushing Mark/Mash/Marchello/Marco/Mushroom/Mustang/Mug Karlsson or whatever his name is into a corner. Sadly I think he don't care much. He will just invent a new scam. That's why it's so important we get the evidence into our dedicated forum for that and confront him with it. Burn or get reported to the Thai police. At least it will prevent others for being fooled like us.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Big news!!!

Affiliate is now 50% - wow
Just proves the scam even more!
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

It is desperation, he is needing cash and new people to replace us all. If the money went into development etc then it is a great offer, but sadly it feels like it is a total rip off.
I will invest when it's 150% return. Wink
The liar Marcelo Karlsson clearly hasn't heard about 75% is the maximum Clickbank allows vendors to offer their affiliates, but I'm sure many would offer a higher % if they could.
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