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Reply from IGG
"Hi Carsten, 

Thanks for checking in about this. My name is Brian, from the Trust and Safety team. We apologize for not being able to respond to you sooner due to our investigation. 

We are sorry to hear this has been your experience with this campaigner, but that campaign owner's use of Updates does violate our Terms. We've reached out to him to remind him of the community guidelines for all of our users. 

Thank you for helping keep Indiegogo a secure and safe platform. 

Trust and Safety

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Yes! And what do they plan to do about it?
Nothing I suppose!
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

I don't get the point... if he violates some kind of rules... why don't they stop him from continuing his scam?
Yes...I don't understand them as well so I wrote another mail yesterday. Let's see if we get any response:

"Hi Brian,

Thanks for your answer. You should ban his account since Mark Karlsson will continue to send inappropriate emails using yours service as long as he is not in prison. Mark is a criminal that sold us nothing and took our money to pay for new motor bikes, computers and cars. He never fulfilled the promises made in the original campaign!!

As you can see from the last comment below IGG is responsible for any libel on your site. I do hope you come to your senses and close Mark's account. Thanks in advance.

Some of the comments to previous answers from IGG:
"IGG has lost my trust from now on... it is a good thing to let people leave their dream, but when it becomes a scam, you can't let it happen that freely."

"Bull S*** textbook answer. I would have expected nothing more from them. In the future, I am keeping away from IGG. They only care that they get there cut, and help no one.

"It is a shocking answer, like Pilate washing his hands!"

"I'm shocked with their answer. No more IGG for me as well."

"Yep IGG are really disapointing me too... Sad"

"They are wrong. My uncle is a judge in the USA and I also checked with lawyers here in Thailand. Indiegogo is responsible for any libel as they are the ones giving the person the outlet. For Thailand the government can block Indiegogo in Thailand if a formal complaint is filed with the government."

Read this:

And this:
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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