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Yet another mail to IGG and to the scammer Mark Karlsson
Hi Indiegogo

Why do you let a Marcelo Karlsson continue to scam people?  He made a fortune selling air on your site.

He has insulted me and committed libel. He has been reported multiple times to the Thai police for stealing our money. Libel laws in Thailand where he lives are strict and he can and will face time in jail anytime soon. It's not only me who have reported him to the police, more others have done so.

You can not close your eyes as you have done for too long now. YOU are just as guilty as Mark K. since you know about the fraud he is doing.


Mark is CC on this mail so he knows.

[Image: cleardot.gif]
Carsten Breum
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

I am guessing that IGG will ignore you again. The latest email from Mark Karlsson is getting more convoluted than ever, what with this automatic rewards system. Desperation!
IGG has lost my trust from now on... it is a good thing to let people leave their dream, but when it becomes a scam, you can't let it happen that freely.

And, yes, BobBobert, his last mail is out of desperation... any solution he finds is always about him getting your money. He does not have much left, if any, he destroyed the project and now he tries to recover from that point. I hope IGG stops helping him though.
I hope IGG will be more serious now since Mark was CC on the mail. I guess we will soon see a very angry post in his forum. lol. Such a post will just scare potential investors that don't know his scam away.

Yes Cell and Bob. I right now imagine him on very deep water isolated from land and ships trying to stay above water not to drown. lol. He cries for help (Money)....
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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