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(2020-06-24, 04:09 PM)Jacob Wrote: I joined their telegram a long time before their ico. As it turned out, they decided it was best to have a heavily discounted sale just for whales. By the time people like myself had the chance to invest, the valuation of all coins in existence and to be released, totalled in multiple billions. That's way too expensive for a project that's still to deliver.

I would have gone close to all in on it if I had the chance to invest at the true floor price.

Okay. Ethereum with all the Defi projects will probably go about $1000 and higher quite soon.

Cardano is soon to release the Shelly network and with that staking pools. The project is the best right now and I think it's good to go in now.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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