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XRP Accounts for Over 50% Of All Crypto Transactions in Last 24 Hours
Keep your Ripple (xrp) as they now have covered over 50% of all crypto transactions. The volume is today 1.7 billion usd, Litecoin has 3.2 billion, Eth almost 10 billion and bitcoin 26 billion.

So even Ripple has so many transactions the volume is far from bitcoin. So it means that each bitcoin transaction must on average be much larger than for xrp.

Anyway xrp is way to cheap based on all the good news around it. Bitcoin is basically centralized and controlled by a few. That's why I still don't believe that bitcoin will keep it's current position (history has shown I'm wrong about bitcoin and should have kept my bitcoin at the time of rimbit)
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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