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What if life is the dream?
(2019-10-25, 07:46 AM)Carsten Wrote:
(2019-10-24, 06:50 PM)Hugues Wrote: Is it written somewhere that heaven is not for atheists?
Never seen that.
Many atheists live a better live than believers.

Look back in history and you will find out how cruel religion has been in the past.

True, but sorry to say heaven does not exist.

I'm not here to defend religion at all, but I understand why some studies shows that active religious people is happier than others. As humans we have since the started walking been in groups and to survive we protected the group. We still in groups like for instance here on, and we identify with certain sports teams, national teams etc. It's built into our DNA to be part of groups. Religion is a group that is very powerful and if you are an active believer then sharing that belief with others makes you happy. 

Is religion good? NO, as Hugues said. Most terrorist attacks and wars today still have root in religion.

Would religion be allowed today if someone came with that proposal? Imagine have those claims approved! Ha.....When you die you go to heaven! Okay show me the study that proves that or in Islam if you die a martyr you go to heaven with 72 virgins....what a joke.

Correct. heaven is a joke.
Could be that some active religious people are happy, but certainly not most of the people on earth. I believe that not even 10% of the islamic world lives a happy life.
People in war are not happy, supressed women are not happy. In the catholic world you have a mass living in poverty; look at Africa and the south of America.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

No Islamic country has democracy and people live by rules from the middle ages. At least that's my picture that maybe not holds to be true.
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I don't know about heaven... but, talking about hell, I can see someone who is really invited to fit in... Wink
(2019-10-28, 08:13 PM)Cell Wrote: I don't know about heaven... but, talking about hell, I can see someone who is really invited to fit in... Wink

Smile Smile
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I am not sure that the biggest mass killers in the last 100 years or so were religious - people like Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot etc. The numbers they killed or were responsible for killing are huge compared to any religious wars.

Bin Laden is a nothing in comparison to those guys. Not that I am defending him, I think if there is such a thing as evil then he was close to it.

As for democracy, I am not sure how much better it is than some of the alternatives. Here in the UK our democracy means that Scotland has been ruled from London by a party that we do not vote for much, that we are forced to leave EU when we voted remain, and we have a PM who was not voted in by the people. In the USA democracy means that you can get less voted than your rival and still be the President.
It's not possible to create a perfect system that works for all.

Some in Denmark are Anarcho Capitalist but I don't think people are ready for such a system.

"Anarcho-capitalism is a political philosophy and modern school of anarchist thought[a] that advocates the elimination of centralized state domination in favor of self-ownership, private property and free markets. Anarcho-capitalists hold that in the absence of statute (which they describe as law by arbitrary autocratic decrees, or bureaucratic legislation swayed by transitory political special interest groups), society tends to contractually self-regulate and civilize through the spontaneous and organic discipline of the free market (in what its proponents describe as a "voluntary society").[1][2]"
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Yes, no system is perfect it seems. Not sure I like the anarcho-capitalist view either!

Something where we have joy in enough, but not too much, where community / family is encouraged.

At school when I was a youngster (not these days, I assume it is banned) we started every day with the Lord's Prayer.
It had a simple idea of "your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in Heaven and give us our daily bread and forgive us as we forgive others."

I do not think I was ever taught what God's will is, and I certainly do not want the church to be rulers of the country (this surely cannot work, and indeed Islamic states run by their Clerics all seem to be not good places).

I assume God's will includes the forgiveness bit, something that in general seems a good and healthy idea. I guess that daily bread means we all eat - perhaps simply rather than massive steaks every night, so that is good too. Whilst I am overweight from too much food and not enough exercise, others even in my own town, really on foodbanks to eat and that is before we even consider the starving millions in Africa and elsewhere. That surely cannot be God's will.

So, assuming that God exists, what is God's will?

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