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So how much do you earn?
I am not really wanting to know $$

What brought me to ask this question was that I discovered my 16 year old son has earned more money this year than I have!  He has no outgoings either - no mortgage., no rent, no food bills if he eats with us. He does have expensive taste in trainers!  He has not worked for three months either.

My wages are a fraction of what they were 5 years ago (not complaining, just commentating for context).

I am not sure if I am proud of him for doing better than me, or annoyed with me for not aiming higher Smile
I wonder what he does that bring him income Bob?

I think it's quite human at first to think like you do, but then you will be happy for him. None of my kids makes what I do at the moment, but when my daughter becomes a lawyer (she is one of the good lawyers that probably will fight for human rights or something like that) she will for sure in some years make more than me. Anyway I'm well paid for what I'm doing. I'm not rich, but certainly not poor.
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At the moment I am helping him with his CV as he goes job hunting! He is a bit shy but can be very charming and makes a good impression. Sadly he hated school at the end and could not care about exams/ However my brother was the same - he only liked woodwork and metalwork and only passed those exams. However he is bright and became a welder, then a manager. Now he has a big home in a posh area, some fancy cars etc. So exams are not the be all and end all.

If I sold everything and lived in a box, I would be well off, but I do not have cash, just money tied up in the house etc. I do have health and happiness, great wife and kids so in those terms I am rich Smile
So he is only 16 years and already a welder and manager? That's amazing Bob. Cars? What is the minimum age for having a driving license in Scotland?

In Denmark you can drive by yourself when you are 18 years old and with a parent (or similar) from the age of 17 (I think).
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