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TPAY: small introduction
TokenPay is a decentralized and self-checking payment platform. It is designed to conduct a secure transaction between multiple parties. Because it has user protection, it is only accessible via an encrypted browser. The transactions that take place are executed with a supplied and non-traceable code, TPAY. This code ensures that completely anonymous trading will take place and will not be traceable. The unique hash algorithm ensures fast and secure transactions.

The purpose of TokenPay
TokenPay wants to offer customers the possibility to execute transactions in a simple and anonymous way.
TokenPay is already seen as the crypto variant of PayPal. Another goal is to develop the most anonymous token, despite the fact that Monero and ZCash are trying to do that, TokenPay is one step further.
By this step further I mean that TokenPay wants to come with its own credit card compared to the other anonymous tokens. This way you can easily convert dollars or euros to cryptocurrency. This is not far enough for TokenPay, because they also want to come up with their own bank. At this moment tey have partenberd with

TokenPay debit card
The concept behind the BlueDiamond is that you can install it in a very simple way and then it is also directly connected to your TokenPay wallet.
The concept behind the integrated BlueDiamond debit card is that it is easy to install due to the direct connection with the digital wallet from TokenPay. This technology allows you to shop virtually and sell directly online.
Transparent and low cost prices make BlueDiamond debit cards a very attractive mechanism for generating income with digital tokens to enable the purchase of hard assets.
Users of digital tokens such as TPAY or Bitcoin can gain access where necessary thanks to a private real-time exchange that will become part of the TokenPay banking platform.

If you consider to get in, you should also consider getting in in
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

Yes, since EFIN is new there is a good possibility for a high reward.

TokenPay owns the EFIN DEX (not yet launched). If you sign up to tokenpay please use this link

For EFIN please use this link
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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