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Is decentralization fading away?
Coinbase’s Controversial Neutrino Acquisition Makes Waves Within Crypto Community

After Coinbase acquired Neutrino, the exchange users started to do some research and found out quite controversial details.

Why Decentralization Matters

Spencer Bogart from Blockchain Capital wrote an excellent piece titled “The Long Game in Crypto: Why Decentralization Matters” as a response to an EOS report. Spencer explores the crux of the debate on DPoS versus other, more decentralized consensus algorithms. This could be an important public discussion with massive ramifications that should be heavily debated, as there are billions of dollars at stake.

Spencer’s core argument is that platform-grade censorship resistance, while nice in theory, will not hold up in practice, and that the only viable long-term path is hyper-decentralization. He argues that DPoS (and EOS) will be sovereign-grade censorship resistant in practice, they just take a different path than Bitcoin to get there.

Read the article:
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

I cannot follow the arguments, too technical for me.

I agree that decentralisation is vital though!

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