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Operation Crypto - Message from NZ Police about the Cryptopia hack
Good morning,

This email is in response to recent emails received by affected Cryptopia customers.  

Copied below is themost recent update from police that explains our position – you may have already received it.  We reiterate thatthis is going to be a protracted investigation and like all investigations we remain objective and our enquiries are based on fact and evidence led.   New Zealand Police, along with other domesticand international partner agencies, are looking into every aspect of this complex offending in a challenging environment.

In the past few days, Cryptopia have updated their Twitter and we understand that further updates by them will be ongoing.  Please refer to their Twitter page for further information around company matters.

Thank you for your ongoing patience.


Operation Crypto Investigation Team

NZ Police

Update to Cryptopia customers who have contacted New Zealand Police - 11 February 2018:

Policeacknowledge your frustration with the time the investigation appears to be taking and appreciate your patience.    Cryptopia’s customer base is very large with over 2 million global users, according to the company, so police have to manage numerous queries from affected investors.

Ifyou continue to look online for any media updates as that is generally how information is disseminated to the public by New Zealand Police.   This will be an ongoing enquiry for some timeand police are often constrained as to what we can release as we do not want to potentially compromise an active investigation or subsequent prosecution.

Themost recent media release on the 7 February 2019 is below:

The Police investigation into the Cryptopia hack and theft of cryptocurrency is progressing well and is advancing on several fronts.  The focus is on identifying those behind this offending and retrieving the stolen cryptocurrency.

This is a complex investigation involving the theft of cryptocurrency, in an unregulated environment.  The stolencryptocurrency is being actively tracked by the Police and specialists worldwide due to the nature of the cryptocurrency blockchains being publicly available. 

Excellent progress is being made in the investigation and we are working with Cryptopia management, current and ex-employees who have been providing valuable assistance in this part of the investigation.  We are working closely with our international partners and cybercrime experts to continue the investigation.

Cryptopia’s managers are on site at their Christchurch address and police are expected to finish at the premises by the end of next week (15/2/19). This investigation is expected to take a considerableamount of time to resolve due to the complexity of the cyber environment.


Weacknowledge that your primary concerns are essentially:

·         What has happened to my investment?   Is it currently safe?

·         When can I access my funds?

·         Will I ever be able to recover my funds/receive any compensation if my coins have been stolen?

Thesetype of questions need to be addressed by Cryptopia management.   Whilst police continue to work alongside themto establish the facts of the security breach, we cannot give any commentary in respect of your primary concerns as they are company affairs for Cryptopia to address.

Werecommend you continue to check Cryptopia’s website and twitter page for company updates.

The information contained in this email message is intended for the addressee only and may contain privileged information. It may also be subject to the provisions of section 50 of the Policing Act 2008, which creates an offence to have unlawful possession of Police property. If you are not the intended recipient of this message or have received this message in error, you must not peruse, use, distribute or copy this message or any of its contents.
Also note, the views expressed in this message may not necessarily reflect those of the New Zealand Police. If you have received this message in error, please email or telephone the sender immediately"
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