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2018 ‘Mature’ Crypto Market Will Draw More Investment, See Less Volatility
It is not good when one person can affect a market so easily. Perhaps with not meaning to cause issue but problems none the less.
(2018-04-11, 09:14 PM)Carsten Wrote:
(2018-04-11, 01:57 PM)BobBobert Wrote: I really do not see why we have so many cryptos doing the same thing - ok some stand out for whatever reason but the vast majority is repetition offering nothing new. Perhaps people wil get better at spotting scams or bad ideas, so in that sense investors knowledge is maturing all the time, giving people more confidence to actually invest.

As we talked about the other day. People only know Bitcoin. Some know Ethereum and some know Ripple. No one knows Rimbit, Tron, Stellar and whatever coin except for the few. You therefore cannot expect anyone to know the difference between coins. It's hard to compare with "real" stuff, but take Apple, Google and Microsoft. All competed in providing a phone and operating system. Apple provide it all and is having around 17% of the market. Google now provide only Android that is having around 85% of the market. Microsoft provided both phone and operating system without success. 

Can you tell the difference? Yes, one provided a phone in silver... another one has rounded edges... Cool! They are still rectangular and look the same 10 m away.

Same with coins. Can you tell the difference? 

Not many can tell the difference except for the appearance and price, but the offering of the operating system (the coin) most can not.

Trust me. Android is way better than IOS. Is Google better than Apple? I think not. Is Apple better than Google. I think not. Not to mention Microsoft.... No it's the same with them.

Is Bitcoin better than Ethereum? I think not! Is Bitcoin the most popular coin? yes it is. Is it then better than Ethereum? Yes it is.

So you see..... it's not so easy to find the right answer.

In my opinion, the Windows phone was far superior, but failed because Microsoft failed to attract app developers. The phones and OS themselves were quite excellent.
I never liked the Microsoft user interface for phones. I had an HTC phone with Windows Phones installed, but it was terrible. A few of my colleges have had a Microsoft phone and it never ever impressed me. Yes Jacob Microsoft started too late.

I respect what Apple did with the first iPhone. That was a deal breaker. It was the best smartphone ever made and has set the level for smartphones.

Today I prefer Android.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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