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German Researchers: Child Abuse Content Found On Bitcoin Blockchain, Users Must Be Pr
(2018-03-27, 05:22 PM)Carsten Wrote:
(2018-03-27, 04:50 PM)Cell Wrote: That's why I put a lot of ressources to help very poor kids and try to make them a better future... I saw first hand what poverty can cause... and it often leads to prostitution and illegal activities. At least, I know that I am saving some from that hell. I guess crypto is part of my journey in that direction. Better distribution of ressources all over the world could lead in a better one for many more humans, and crypto is probably a first step in the good direction... maybe.

Yes we know what you do Cell. It's great. It comes from a big man with a lot of empathy for humans. (big not in the physical form Big Grin)

Crypto has a lot of focus. To stay under the radar you should skip Bitcoin since NSA is tracking transactions, MAC addresses, IP's and much more. It's harder if you use anonymous addresses like on Monero or ZCash where stealthaddresses can be used. They are NOT visible in the blockchain.

Good to know. Big Grin

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