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I came across this altcoin many times in many chat room... Seem like a way to keep you altcoin value when the market is going down. Any of you know something about this?
I have to look at it later. :-(
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

First time I am looking into this in more detail.

So far, this paragraph jumps out:
"X8X is an Ethereum pure utility Token, functioning as a Key for issuing X8Currency. To exchange X8Currency for fiat ($/€) with 0% fee you will need to hold a corresponding amount of X8X."

Sounds like they are double-dipping. In essence, they are saying:

"Here, we are giving you the ability to issue your own currency, with one condition; you must first buy our currency in equivalent amounts if you ever want to exchange your currency for anything tangible.

Why should you buy our currency? It's because your currency is backed by our currency, which is in turn backed by Fiat and Gold."

I have posted a new thread which illustrates my opinion on any banker who claims trustworthiness on being gold-backed:

The Money Myth Exploded
Interesting. Thanks for this clarification. Wink

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