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A rather involved method to study Cryptocurrency price movements
There is a section of the site,, which gives the price movement correlation between any two cryptos for a chosen length of time.

Now this may not seem very interesting, but you can be very sure institutional investors use tools like this to invest in and manipulate crypto prices. 

The page can be found at :

You can choose for example : bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, monero; and then see if prices of these coins are tightly bound to each other.

What sort action can you take with information this dynamic chart provides? If you know that institutional money has been bearish on the price of bitcoin futures, you can invest in something that moves in the opposite direction to bitcoin when the slump happens, and then buy bitcoin with that same crypto at support levels.
Ver interesting! Thanks
Thanks jacob.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

It is when I read posts like this I wish I had spare cash to play with - it sounds like a great way to have fun with crypto!

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