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Fear that South Korea would ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.
(2018-01-18, 02:05 AM)chelios Wrote: don't you have coins where you see a potential in the long run?
i would hate myself for selling my accumulatex xby and seeing them later around 5 $.

but of course this time i could have made some profit and no bought back in. or not, you never know.

25 or 100 % in which timeframe?

What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?

Yes Cardano has it all.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

(2018-01-17, 08:59 PM)Cell Wrote: My way of doing it is take a profit whenever you can. With this strategy, you don't make tons of money (well, in stock exchange), but you do make money. Now, as I am building a crypto porfolio, here is the strategy I use: each time price is up to 25% or more, I cash out 25% of the total value of that coin at that moment. Since I was in for many coins at their recent bottom (ADA, TRX, BTC, ETH), I took several chunk of them at around 25% up. Then, when it began to go down, I waited and bought when they were raising again, but did not apply my 25% strategy. So, basically, by the magic of the crypto world. I end up with about the same amount of coins I had at the beginning... but with many $K more in my pocket. I am still learning with this crazy crypto world, so I am not sure it is the best strategy.

I am lucky that USD is still strong though... Because all my profit was put in USD, waiting to be change in BTC... well, after that crash, of course!

Clever strategy Cell, and it makes a lot of sense. Do you keep your Usd at the exchange?
Chelios, timeframe is not an issue, I sell as soon as it gets 25% more in value. You are right though, my technique can ended in some frustration, because you don't get the big hit when it happens. You need a strategy that suit your style. I often knock my head on the wall because I did sell my Apple Stock too soon... I would be a billionaire right now. But, I did manage to build a house on that sell in that year. All in all, I've made hundreds of thousands in years with a similar strategy. But, now this crypto world is like a stock market on steroid. Perhaps I will adjust my strategy to it. Of course, I only invest money that I am willing to loose.. but damn, I would be tempted to invest more sometime. Wink

Hugues, for C20, anyway, we still can't sell, but for that one, my plan is to hold. I can't see how we can loose money with it. If it continues to be well managed, it will be a sort of "blue chip" in my portfolio. I plan to take profit at around $50 though. Maybe selling half. We'll see.

Chelios, for now, my USD stay at the exchange. Because, if I officially cashout, I will have tax report to do... And, it is easier to buy BTC or ETH back to invest more. Smile
I need to prioritize trading more. I tried it out two days ago and sold yesterday with a good profit in USD. The amount in question was not super high but I have decided to try this strategy with a reserved sum of money. It's now 30% up already in USD and Euro. So now I have to wait to buy the right coins again...

Thanks for your input Cell, Hugues and others.
Happy to be in Denmark regarding crypto since I don't need to pay tax of the return.
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Yeah... You are lucky for that! Well... there are alternative everywhere else! Wink
When I traded it was only on c-cex and all my profits went into RBT! I think you should never take my investment advice, but if you do read it, do the exact opposite of what I say!
Doing the opposite twice of what you said will be doing what you said! Big Grin
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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