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Amazing Emirates First Class tickets
This is way off topic..but I am a miles and points geek to travel cheaply or better still for free.

On a website I check daily for special sales, they had Emirates first class from Canada anywhere in world for USD 4500 or less. And I think one way is 50%

I booked Toronto to Johannesburg for $4450. Yes I have to fly Toronto first, but this is an $11,000 ticket normally and way more than I would pay cash.

I know most are in Europe, so not available, but if some others in Americas may want to check this out..heck if in Europe may want to fly to Toronto to get these flights and experience Emirates first class on an A380

They are available anywhere they fly all though next year if not sold out..Europe, Africa, Middle East, Bangkok. Hong Kong, Tokyo, and I think Australia (Canada to Milan is $2900 return)

Here is the link how to book

And here is the description of the A380 first class experience..they even have a shower on the plane!!

If you want to book it, do it soon as posted today and filling up quickly

This is for those of us unlike Carsten who has his own plane  Big Grin
Well... I have my « own »plane (we are several owners for this old plane), but the cabin is about the size of a shower. That being said, thanks a lot, I travel a lot and am really interested in this! 2 Thumbs up!
Yes I only have a toy plane... It's Cell who has his own plane.

But if Ripple and Cardano hits $10 I will have my own plane and a pilot to fly it Big Grin
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.


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