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I know - a robotic lawnmower sounds cool but I worry what it may do to my chickens who run free range. It takes me 2 hours or so to cut front and back. Hiring someone sounds like an idea.
It's perfect for my garden.

It's installed and programmed to run every day (overkill) for a certain amount of hours. It seldom needs cleaning or help.

I'm quite satisfied with mine. The one I have now is a new model I bought this year.
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Looking at a review of lawnmowers that are robotic in the UK

"Not cheap" are the words that come to mind!

What does it do when it comes across a sleeping chicken or cat etc?
This is the one I got:

The bumper will "feel" the animal and stop. Then it will change direction. I don't think the animal will get hurt by the knifes. I has to be a very short animal that will fit under the robot like a snail, a frog and similar.

Our cat is not afraid of the lawnmover anymore, but will move if it comes too close.
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My lawnmower cost 1/10th of that! New belt on its way and the 1/2 cut grass can be fully cut tomorrow night, assuming dry weather. Dangerous assumption mind you - we have sun and rain every day and so the grass grows quickly but rarely is dry enough to get a good cut.

A friend of a friend has gone down the route of plastic grass - it actually looks quite good but it does look fake. Not sure I would want that.
There was a great sale here so I got it to half the normal price.

Rain is not an issue since I have set it to run each day so it's minimal how much the grass is growing in one day. It's no problem for the lawnmover to keep it nice and clean cutted.

Plastic grass? Never going to happen here. Big Grin
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Does it goes to a base to recharge itself? Like the similar one that clean the floor... Don't remember the name? Is there any security feature... let's say if someone from the neighborhood thinks it's a good gift for their uncle? Wink
Yes it goes to the base for recharging! I haven't touched the machine for at least 14 days now. Yes, it comes with a security system. If you just go into the garden and grab it will start a very loud sound. It's also protected by a pin code. After you enter the pin code you can lift it around if you want and program the machine to your needs. It also comes with a serial number of course that you can register by the manufacturer in case it got stolen.

It's a Gardena, but there are many other fine models out there. It comes with razor sharp small knives (not the traditional massive blade) that is so silent that it can run during the night (if you want).
Cardano is the most promising 3 gen. crypto right now.

Sounds like a Ninja lawn mower!
Ha ha ha! Ninja...

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