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A war against North Korea is on it's crypto now
It's a classical challenge Bob. Going to war will always cost lives.

In this case a massive precise strike against all military installations in NK and power stations will make the country unable to act.

But we got to have people in there on the ground to take over. That will cost some allied lives for sure.
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I think it was Stalin who said something along the lines of one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.
I can't remember who said it, but it's clearly a line to everyone who thinks military is waste of money.

"There will always be military present in your country. The question is if it's yours."

We spend a lot of money on the military. They side effect is jobs, new inventions and of course "security".

In a perfect world the military was not needed!
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I was reading a book a year or two ago that said that most modern inventions come from a military background - I cannot remember all that they used to justify themselves, but I do remember microwaves being one of them. Military spending encourages tech growth for sure, and at a faster rate than would be normal. One of the guys in a football team I used to play with years ago, was working on lasers at uni. It sounded cool to us but he signed up to a defence company and said it was the only way his research could be funded.
Yes, military is not all bad as some would claim.
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It is not all bad at all. Military peacekeepers are vital in several areas of the world right now. I am not sure if the UK having nuclear weapons is an actual deterrent or not, but if it is, then that is a good thing. Unless we have to press the big red button some day.

Reminds me of the time we went to a sci fi exhibition - it was Dr Who. In one room there was only a pedestal with a big red button saying "Do Not Press". Of course you were meant to press it and one of my kids did just that. It was brilliant - an interplanetary war broke out in that room and my kids did not know where to hide!
Yes, even in little Denmark the military has been called in to assist the police that is having too many tasks because of gang wars (muslims) inside Copenhagen. I have in many years predicted that would happen but politicians acted too late. I hope we can restore the Danish values again by either throw out the muslims that don't want our system and educated the rest in Danish values. We don't force them to come here so at least they should respect our culture and behave like us. Not like freaking animals.

Ha ha fun with the Red button!
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We talk about UK values too, but I am not sure what exactly is meant by that. Personally I am against having a monarchy, which is a very British thing indeed. I would agree the Queen is excellent and I would prefer her to say President Trump. Being Scottish means something different from being Southern English, though putting that into words is not so easy. Perhaps more vague ideas such as common decency, respect for law (though many kids do not have that, from all backgrounds). No easy answers...
I'm also against the monarchy we have here in Denmark. It's a thing of the past, not something we want in a modern world.  It's a farce.

Some Danish values are:
  • Freedom of speech
  • High social trust (when I was a kid I could leave my bike unlocked at school)
  • Flex security model (for employes and employers)
  • Humor and relaxed attitude.
  • Honesty
  • Low corruption
Maybe more. It's was just from the top of my head.
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It is a good list but for example, your bike can just as easily be stolen by a local as a foreigner.

I totally agree with freedom of speech (although there are limits I am not sure where the line is drawn).

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