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One of the richest people in the world invests in cryptocurrency exchange Bakkt

Bakkt was set up by the Intercontinental Exchange and has completed despite the first financing round. Among these investors is also the 23rd richest man in the world, Li Ka-shing. This is a billionaire from Hong Kong.

With Bakkt, investors can trade in physical bitcoin futures. With bitcoin futures you speculate on the price of bitcoin. Normally a bitcoin future contract is separate from bitcoin, you do not trade in bitcoin itself. That is different at Bakkt. Each bitcoin future contract is covered by real bitcoin, which is kept in the Bakkt Warehouse. Hence the name: Bakkt (backed).

Li Ka-Shing leads investment round for Bakkt.
Bakkt recently announced that it had raised 182 million dollars in its first investment round. The platform received money from various large parties. This includes Boston Consultin Group, Galaxy Digital, GoldInch partners, M12 (Microsoft's investment fund, Pantera Capital and Protocol Ventures).

According to the website EJ Insight (, one of the most notable investors in Bakkt was the company Horizons Ventures. This Venture Capital company from Hong Kong was founded by, a Li Ka-shing. Ka-shing has built up a varied portfolio of different tech startups over the past decade.

With a value of 30.7 billion dollars, he has sufficient capital to invest. But this is not the first time that Ka-shing has ventured into the market of cryptocurrencies. In 2013, Horizons Ventures invested in BitPay, a company that looks at payments with Bitcoin. But also in 2016 in Blockstream, a supplier of blockchain technology.

Investors see the potential of Bakkt
The idea of Bakkt to bring a digital platform to market what Bitcoin futures offers seems to catch on with the investors. The above investors are in fact some of the biggest names among investors. Institutional investors could help the cryptocurrency market to obtain more recognition. Institutional support can also reduce the volatility that has plagued the crypto market for years.

Physically delivered crypto futures will distinguish Bakkt from the competition, as rival exchanges CME and CBOE handle the contracts in euros. Bakkt's contracts are also stored via ICE in the US. Many small crypto traders are looking forward to the launch of the Bakkt contracts on 24 January 2019.
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us?


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