Now, we know that Rimbit is #scam, let's talk about it and try to find a true alternative.
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RE: Some Ripple insights - Hugues - 2019-04-15

Ripple Payments Approved by Leading US Regulator in Potential Game Changer for XRP-Powered xRapid

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has granted a license to crypto exchange and Ripple partner Bitstamp.

RE: Some Ripple insights - Carsten - 2019-04-15

The good news continue, but the price of xrp remains the same. Why?

RE: Some Ripple insights - Hugues - 2019-04-28

Ripple partnerships list

Why is Ripple holding 50 billion XRP?

This has been a big point in discussing XRP as a cryptocurrency since having one company own 60% of all assets clashes with the original idea of having a decentralized payment method where trust is no longer necessary.

That’s why people when discussing Ripple would always point out that there is a possibility of Ripple for whatever reason deciding to flood the market with these coins and with that completely devaluate them. Of course this wouldn’t necessarily make a lot of sense for the business, but the fact that the possibility is there made many people rather uncomfortable.

Ripple decided to try to stop people from having these concerns by “locking” their coins away from themselves. They made a public announcement stating:

“Today we are permanently removing that uncertainty by committing to place 55 billion XRP into a cryptographically-secured escrow account by the end of 2017. By securing the lion’s share of our XRP, investors can now mathematically verify the maximum supply of XRP that can enter the market.”

They in detail explained how this is going to work in this article.

The common assumption of the reason they originally decided to hold on to so many of their own assets is so that they would be able to control the fluctuation of the currency. This seemed to work out for now, but whenever there was a case of heavy centralization of a cryptocurrency, it usually didn’t end up with shining colors.

Potentially, putting the coins in escrow could solve this. Only time will tell.

RE: Some Ripple insights - Carsten - 2019-04-28

Thanks for the info

RE: Some Ripple insights - Hugues - 2019-04-30

Q1 2019 XRP Markets Report
Ripple sold $169.42 million of XRP in Q1 2019

RE: Some Ripple insights - Carsten - 2019-04-30

That's a huge amount of coins. People really trust Ripple. I do so too.

RE: Some Ripple insights - Hugues - 2019-05-30

XRP gets lots of attention. Normally when assets get lots of attention it reflects in the price going up drastically.
Why isn’t the value of XRP going up drastically?
This is some interesting stuff regarding institutional investors.
This needs to be covered because there is some confusion out there as far as what the future holds for XRP.
How about contracts between Ripple and their partners?
Institutional and big players buy directly from Ripple via OTC (over the counter).
OTC trading has absolutely no effect on the price appreciation on the open market.
The only way the price goes up or down is market orders on open exchanges.
Institutional buyers that are really integral parts of the ecosystem are buying their supply directly from ripple. They have a contract with specified price agreements.
Those transactions go outside the regular markets that we buy from.
So when coinbase picked up their supply to start trading XRP, they didn't buy it on the open market so it had no effect. We didn't see the price of
XRP jump up when they acquired.
We know their supply and the same will be true with a lot of these big players.
If bitrex is the Xrapid preferred exchange for the US, if they need more supply of XRP they're not gonna hit up Bnance or Uphold and acquire their XRP on
the open market.
They're gonna buy OTC to Rpple, and Ripple will fill that order because it is necessary that they have their supply.
Those are not the type of institutions that I'm talking about. I'm talking about what SBI is starting to set up. They are setting up a custodial service and an exchange for mutual funds and institutional investors (not integral players in the ecosystem, but people that want to invest in xrp).
let's say you have a pension fund and the company of your pension fund want to allocate 2% of their holdings into digital assets.
Well they'll go to someone like SBI and they will acquire those assets on the market just like you or I have to do.
SBI wants that running through their platform. They're not building up institutional trading to have the institution's buy directly from Ripple.
They want all those trades to hit their exchange just like ours hit Binance or Bitrex or Coinbase or whatever it may be.
So it's a very different institutional buyer than what we see going on right now on the OTC.
They're totally different in premise.
Now that's not to say that a pension fund wouldn't maybe like to acquire their XRP OTC but they have to find a willing seller to fill a very large order and that will eventually dry
up and they will have to go to traditional trading means to go ahead and acquire their position.

Ripple has in their contracts with every single partner (that would be all the preferred exchanges and all the institutions) that they are
required to acquire XRP via OTC.
They are not allowed to make purchases on the open market and the purpose of this is to temporarily keep the price of XRP suppressed.

This contractual obligation is not going to be long-term. It will be lifted and when that happens we will see the floodgates open.
To me it makes sense with what we see going on. We see most of these large transactions happening OTC and we know
the short term goal of Ripple is the broad distribution of XRP and growing this ecosystem. If the company is ever gonna really get their
value out of the XRP they hold (about 60%), they have to build up the system.
They don't value the XRP they hold on their balance sheet in its fair market value just in a fraction of what it would be worth. Because they know if
they were to dump it all, the price would fall. The only way they can really get their money out of the XRP is to prime
the system.
If they're gonna take a big chunk of swift's transfer volume and run it through XRP, we're gonna need a much higher price. So that's the end goal to get that price of XRP up.
But before they can do that they really have to distribute the XRP through OTC to the people that need to have it and really get that asset out there in the correct
hands and then get this ecosystem cranking. That's the plan.
I suppose a lot of people are irritated by the fact that these transactions are not happening on the open market, that they are happening on the OTC.
But it is in Ripple's best interest, in the partners best interest to do what's right for this ecosystem to eventually hit that really high price.
Probably someday very soon that contractual restriction will be lifted and we will see some of those institutions hitting the open market.
So people fasten your seat belts, It is still time to get your hands on XRP. I still believe that even at $5 it would be a bargain,

RE: Some Ripple insights - Hugues - 2019-06-01

Ripple’s European office representative Marjam Delatine, Saska Devolder from SWIFT, and Douwe Lyklama from Innopay, met and discussed the evolution of the European financial services markets, in a recent panel held by the European Congress.

SWIFT representative thinks that besides increased competition, ECB’s regulatory drive is focused on bringing new services to the public and increasing liquidity. So a lot is going on at the same time, which makes the European theatre the most advanced worldwide when it comes to financial modernization.
XRP representative then went on to explain that Ripple will help financial systems in Europe meet the European Central Bank deadlines by facilitating interoperability among different financial networks.
All in all, Ripple may very well be the one that innovates Europe’s financial services that the ECB is hoping for.

So, considering ECB sentiment, XRP is more likely to continue its bullish trend in the nearest future.

RE: Some Ripple insights - Carsten - 2019-06-01

Yes I think you are right about xrp. I think we have a love-hate relationship to xrp since it's highly centralized. Right?

RE: Some Ripple insights - Hugues - 2019-06-01

(2019-06-01, 06:07 PM)Carsten Wrote: Yes I think you are right about xrp. I think we have a love-hate relationship to xrp since it's highly centralized. Right?