Now, we know that Rimbit is #scam, let's talk about it and try to find a true alternative.
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DUSK Network - Hugues - 2020-02-28

I don't know if I already posted about Dusk. It is quite some time that I follow this project and I am subscribed for newslettres.
Half an hour ago I read a mail (newslettre) from DUSK.
Her is what the announced:
"Yesterday we shared news from our partner program: Netherland’s leading incorporation platform Firm24 aims to tokenize 35.000 Dutch corporations on the Dusk Network platform by next year. Jelle Pol, Business Lead Dusk Network: “The collaboration with Firm24 and LTO is a great example of how Dusk is being adopted nationally. I fully expect the benefits we realize here to function as a lighthouse project towards additional sectors and jurisdictions adopting Dusk Network”.

3500 companies (only in The Netherlands)! Do you realize what this means?
There is a lot to do about adoption lately.

As you know me by now; I started to investigate immediately. I contacted this FIRM24 in my native language Dutch, and I got a reply almost immidiately.
The litteraly confirmed it.

In the mean time I went to look on the internet for some other sources and I found this:

Guys this could be huge not only for DUSK but also for adoption in general.

In general when The Netherlands do something innovative, Belgium follows shortly after.

RE: DUSK Network - Carsten - 2020-02-29

If it's really are going to happen that shares in firms can be sold on a blockchain then it will be a boost for the blockchain and crypto in general.

Dusk is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, but the Dusk blockchain itself is something different.

Here is another article about Dusk

Dusk network mainsite:

RE: DUSK Network - Carsten - 2020-02-29

Are you holding any Dusk tokens?

RE: DUSK Network - Hugues - 2020-02-29

(2020-02-29, 11:04 AM)Carsten Wrote: Are you holding any Dusk tokens?
I have a few, but never purchased them. Got them via some airdrops.

RE: DUSK Network - Carsten - 2020-02-29

You are very active on getting airdrops!

RE: DUSK Network - BobBobert - 2020-03-02

Free money! Well done.
Not sure what I make of this - if it happens then in general it is great news for crypto and blockchains but I am not convinced yet that this is something great in itself. It is almost a cae of people knowing blockchains are great but not knowing how to use them so are just trying anything and everything. Some will work others will not.

RE: DUSK Network - Carsten - 2020-03-02

It is really a breakthrough if DUSK will be able to tokenize shares for companies.

(Money is never really free. I'm sure that Hugues had to tweet and give away his different accounts to get airdrops)

RE: DUSK Network - BobBobert - 2020-03-03

True enough, it is rarely free. I have not chased after the "free" stuff much because I assume that 95% of it will be worthless. Although by that standard some of it will for sure make money!

If DUSK works properly then it is a step forward definitely.