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Now what? Nothing from Mark
Yes, I think our only chance is to make a copy of the coin and re-establish our accounts (it might be easier so if people show us their past ownership of Rimbit in the block explorer (I can understand everybody who tries to dump their current Rimbits at the exchanges, or set it at a reasonable price so it gets sold, should the price ever go up a little bit). I would even agree to restore the initial Rimbit purchases from indiegogo or even from other markets - easy to proof in the old blockchain.
However, this could be up the core group to decide.

I think we can't make a literal copy. I assume, the easiest and most pragmatic solution is to make a copy of rimbit or even fork an updated PoS coin, do the pre-mining assess the current shares of this community, and do percentage based markup in respect to the total coins premined, leaving only very little or no other operating capital - maybe enough for an initial fosset for the first 1000 users. This process has to be done by at least two persons.

However, I still would like to do this twice to have maybe one month to test if this approach is right.

Time for plan B?
I think we should wait another week or two.

Creating a new coin will not be easy tw0t. It's a long discussion and much invested time and money to marketing, servers etc. Anyway we will have talk Thursday! Looking forward to meeting you.
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