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Posted by: pelidaniel@gmail.com - 2016-09-21, 04:48 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (5)

I think these two coins (Ripple and stellar) wll bring the most value to your investment. Both of these have the most powerfull company behind, both are the only one using the inteledger protocol, plus are the lower coins on the market to buy. to me these two will have a bgger return on investment. Don't take my world do your own research

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  Inviting people into this forum
Posted by: Hugues - 2016-09-21, 04:46 PM - Forum: Rimbit Talk - Replies (9)

Hi guys,
Is it time to invite new members into this forum?
Even members of Marks forum?

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  This was on the Rimbit.com website in August 2014
Posted by: BobBobert - 2016-09-21, 11:52 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (3)

Get your Rimbit Wallet, Buy some Rimbit and get started in the Crypto Currency market while it still new and make profit after profit year after year as your Rimbit increases in value!

We will Double your purchase in Rimbit till 22nd August 2014.
So if you purchase $5 worth of Rimbit we will give you $10 Woth of Rimbit
All the way up to $250!
So if you buy $250 worth of Rimbit, we will give you a whopping $500 worth of Rimbit!
This offer ends 22nd August 2014

#Source https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=752760.0

Now is that not a scam, telling people that they can profit year after year?  Or is it just lies?

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  Rimbit Affiliate is here
Posted by: BobBobert - 2016-09-21, 11:34 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (13)

Hofer has posted on bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1622913.0

I have not check out the link but the offer is 25% back in USD.

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  13 Signs Of Narcissists Who Sabotage Your Happiness
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-09-21, 09:44 AM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (4)



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Wink Maybe this will be useful?
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-09-21, 07:33 AM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (8)

Got this link from lifehack.org.


"If you are looking to live a healthier life, then you should consider meditation.

It helps calm your nerves, overcome stress, and increase your concentration. With meditation, we can transform our mind from unhappy to happy."

So our unhappy investment in Rimbit can be a happy one Confused

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  Anybody selling Ripple
Posted by: pelidaniel@gmail.com - 2016-09-21, 04:54 AM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (3)

I'm looking to buy some repple coin, if anyone here is selling or know a place to buy it please share it here

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  What is next?
Posted by: Frudel - 2016-09-21, 03:54 AM - Forum: Rimbit Talk - Replies (5)

Hello guys, it is nice to see all of you reunited once again!

I was wondering what would be the next plan, what can we do to not lose all our money?

I don't think we can just all dump in exchanges, we would lose big time!
What do you think?

P.S. I really like all the discussion in every thread going on here, too bad CH is dumb, we had some great asset as a community!

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Thumbs Down Personally know Marcelo/Mark
Posted by: sesshomaru - 2016-09-20, 05:14 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (40)

Hello gentlemen,

Without going into much details. I have to say that I personally know the weasel - Marcelo Rune/Karlsson, or as we call it in old days - the man commission.

I can tell you where your money are, because I know what he is and what he used to have before IGG campaign - nothing!

Your money are in 2 cars - old Honda Civic and a newer Toyota Vios, 3 motorbikes, a DSLR camera, big TV, 3 computers, toys and so on....

Mark used to has problem with alcohol and I think he still have. Most of your investment have gone into alcohol and cheap whores in Thailand. By the way, his wife is a former prostitute.

Many years ago, he was running a similar scam in Australia. I personally reported his IGG campaign few times without results.

Rimbit have never had any developers - Rimbit is NovaCoin fork. It was all DIY operation.

Personal suggestion - report him to Thai authorities, they will help you!

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  The Diplomatic Way
Posted by: Hugues - 2016-09-19, 06:32 PM - Forum: Rimbit Talk - Replies (26)

Hi guys,
We should not forget why we are here. We are here because of Rimbit which could be a wonderful coin.
We are here because we try to save it.
This is what we should be focussing on.

CH might be going slightly mad. He might be a scammer, a liar etc....
Don't forget he is not stupid. Technically I think we need people like him.
We must find a way to make him do a U-turn, without him to suffer to much of loss of face.
If we keep going on with our allegations he will never come to senses again.
We have to do it the diplomatic way. Listen to the following story that happened to a friend (business man) of mine many years ago.

This friend was a jewelry shop owner.
He had several suppliers.
One day he orders a large quantity of gold jewelry from one of his usual suppliers. He paid in advance as usual.
A few days later the package was delivered, but al was fake. No real gold.
It was than my friend came to me because there was a lot of money involved. He was desperate and didn't know what to do.
I told him not to go to the police directly or to accuse him of anything. I told him to contact the supplier and ask politely if the order wasn't a  mistake. To ask him if he didn't switch an order from another customer.

And guess what. He got a complete refund of his paid order.

Chances where good if the supplier was accused and attacked directly by my friend, he would have pannicked or would be that offended that he wouldn't admit his scam.
This is the diplomatic way to get things done.

A few weeks later my friend heard from several collegue jewelry shop owners they have been scammed the same way. Wit a little difference. They never got a refund and lost the money. The supplier was arrested but the money was gone.

So guys...
What do you think?
Shouldn't we stop with allegations, accusations and so on?
It is al true what has been said about CH, but let's stop this for now.
We should be focussing about the future. Let's think about the foundation of some kind of Round Table.

From the moment enough people have read this thread, it must be removed.
So of I forget to do I count on one of the other moderators to do it my place.

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