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  Another IGG post - Peer Connections but the Android Wallet still doesnt update
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-20, 09:40 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)

I took the freedom of editing some of his recent IGG post....

"As anyone who runs an Android Wallet knows, there is no issue with peer connections as there are plenty of wallets to connect too.
The issue that we (red. YOU) are working on has to do with the Blockchain that the Android Wallet uses to get the information of all the wallets and balances.
When funding slowed down, so did the ability for us (red. YOU) to fund(red. GIVE ME MONEY) the dedicated server, which was being used to get the Blockchain information, which is why Android wallets can connect to peers, but cannot get the information it needs to complete the SYNC
We (YOU) are working (really?? I highly doubt that) on this and looking for solutions to make sure this doesnt (red. doesn't) happen again.
So as you can see, funding (GIVE ME MONEY) is still a priority during these early times...
Unfortunately, some of the "bright sparks" (YOUR lies destroyed Rimbit) who believe they know everything, didnt (didn't lol..high IQ..think not) have enough facts when they decided to be destructive for their misguided beliefs of "freedom" at the cost of everyone (YOU - begging for money).
(red...please...add the rest yourself)
As I have been saying for a long time, we are not yet ready to go 100% community based, simply as we do not have the financial resources or the individuals to build out Rimbit's infrastructure.
We are pushing to change this situation, but we can only do it with the communities support.
We are as eager as anyone to get Rimbit into the $3.00 and beyond level, but its going to take everyone to make this happen and not just one individual!"

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Posted by: BobBobert - 2016-12-19, 01:51 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (15)

Mark Karlsson has posted one of the most outrageous posts in a long time, not just by him but by anyone!


He compares a DDOS attack to that of a terrorist bomb going off and killing innocent civilians!  Really mark Karlsson?  A DDOS on a website is like a bomb going off?  Did I just read that correctly?  Wow!!!

"That something is an attack on the server with multiple connection (many identical) in the aim to create so many server requests that it slows or shut the site down... Essentially its a DDOS attack

[Image: 951-7473dedcc5e4b025abeb17b9608152b9.jpg]

Of course this is just some of the old members who are now banned, getting to work to do the most they can to hurt everyone, just to harm a single person. Not much different to a terrorist Bomb attack on innocent civilians.."

Mark Karlsson, do you think that now that Carsten and Byre Straits do not contribute to your forum, they have all this spare time to launch DDOS attacks on Rimbit!  Really Mark Karlsson?  You think so?   Do you think that they need to go to that level?  I doubt it very much.  Do you have any proof?  Of course not!

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  What Is Rimbit Cryptocurrency?
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-16, 09:51 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)


"Rimbit is a Cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin and in fact, during our initial testing, we used the Bitcoin core to build the first Rimbit Wallet.

As our goal was to be free of the mining aspect, as we believe that mining and industries that support mining can influence the value of Crypto, to make it susceptible to aggressive manipulation by those supplying the hardware and those running the mining farms and exchanges.
To believe that this wont happen is just as naive as thinking the sun revolves around the earth!

During our initial testing using the Bitcoin core, we speed up the mining to go from a few hundred years, down to days, so we can have a coin that is no longer mined at the time of release.

What we discovered, was that the Bitcoin code, when it ran its full cycle to the very last coin would suddenly LOOP back and create a new full amount of coins that would need to be mined.
We ran the wallet to its full conclusion again and found it again looped! ....... continue"

I tell you what it is. It's #scam. #Rimbit is now scam run by Marcelo Karlsson. If you give him money you will lose them for good. Rimbit is NEVER gonna by a trustworthy currency. Why? It's not the intention of Mark. He is only trying to grab your money so he can buy more motorcycles and cars. If his intention was to really do something good for the investors he would not have created all the fake characters in the old forum. He would have burned the remaining Rimbit as promised in the original IGG campaign. Also please remember that the only person who ever made money on Rimbit is Mark. Over > $250.000. He has of course been reported to the Thai police for the scam/fraud and later for committing libel against me and ByreStraits.

Look also at the spelling error in the attached photo. Lol....we remember them still from the old forum thanks to Byre.

Please also read this sticky thread: http://rimbit.dk/showthread.php?tid=168

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  The "cold" wallet is now the warm wallet.
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-15, 03:07 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (2)


Total Sent (RBT)
Total Received (RBT)
Balance (RBT)25017658.56878100

Latest Transactions
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Amount (RBT)14th Dec 2016 18:21:48
- 39502.84000000
14th Dec 2016 12:09:46
+ 226.78424600
14th Dec 2016 12:09:12
+ 272.51945200
14th Dec 2016 12:05:09
+ 346.87575300
14th Dec 2016 12:00:58
+ 278.33342400
14th Dec 2016 11:55:36
+ 123.04698600
14th Dec 2016 11:51:41
+ 347.32452000
14th Dec 2016 11:41:16
+ 233.47821900
14th Dec 2016 11:36:58
+ 694.18753400
14th Dec 2016 11:34:41
+ 689.06493100
14th Dec 2016 11:31:41
+ 122.18356100
14th Dec 2016 11:09:20
+ 490.75821900
14th Dec 2016 11:06:37
+ 459.49219100
14th Dec 2016 11:03:21
+ 224.71904100
14th Dec 2016 10:57:18
+ 340.67397200
14th Dec 2016 10:55:06
+ 488.46109500
14th Dec 2016 10:51:43
+ 483.91534200
14th Dec 2016 10:31:59
+ 574.63575300
14th Dec 2016 10:27:49
+ 442.37150600
14th Dec 2016 10:11:29
+ 686.31232800
14th Dec 2016 10:10:56
+ 286.61465700
14th Dec 2016 10:08:31
+ 342.97575300
14th Dec 2016 10:08:31
+ 483.66575300
14th Dec 2016 10:08:31
+ 229.39301300
14th Dec 2016 09:59:31
+ 286.91904100
14th Dec 2016 09:50:10
+ 285.45369800
14th Dec 2016 09:37:45
+ 690.18164300
14th Dec 2016 09:37:05
+ 343.69698600
14th Dec 2016 09:37:01
+ 243.36794500
14th Dec 2016 09:36:00
+ 485.40095800
14th Dec 2016 09:07:10
+ 225.35095800
14th Dec 2016 08:58:57
+ 684.13273900
14th Dec 2016 08:58:50
+ 154.49095800
14th Dec 2016 08:55:48
+ 112.10164300
14th Dec 2016 08:53:34
+ 689.31739700
14th Dec 2016 08:53:25
+ 240.84150600
14th Dec 2016 08:38:52
+ 879.61671200
14th Dec 2016 08:37:43
+ 343.36383500
14th Dec 2016 08:27:07
+ 687.79273900
14th Dec 2016 08:25:55
+ 285.14506800
14th Dec 2016 08:24:22
+ 343.07205400
14th Dec 2016 08:13:57
+ 138.17123200
14th Dec 2016 08:04:36
+ 682.75219100
14th Dec 2016 08:03:37
+ 153.63575300
14th Dec 2016 08:03:14
+ 484.67616400
14th Dec 2016 08:01:50
+ 242.77712300
14th Dec 2016 07:59:20
+ 880.81630100
14th Dec 2016 07:56:00
+ 973.05602700
14th Dec 2016 07:52:46
+ 568.50753400
14th Dec 2016 07:52:24
+ 549.03534200
14th Dec 2016 07:51:14
+ 282.39315000
14th Dec 2016 07:51:08
+ 242.76657500
14th Dec 2016 07:45:08
+ 566.53986300
14th Dec 2016 07:44:28
+ 76.60383500
14th Dec 2016 07:35:32
+ 681.91109500
14th Dec 2016 07:33:55
+ 240.24082100
14th Dec 2016 07:28:58
+ 284.27904100
14th Dec 2016 07:26:55
+ 686.76232800
14th Dec 2016 07:26:34
+ 225.92547900
14th Dec 2016 07:17:24
+ 967.35712300
14th Dec 2016 07:13:01
+ 967.21479400
14th Dec 2016 07:01:39
+ 881.70849300
14th Dec 2016 06:53:04
+ 227.84698600
14th Dec 2016 06:53:03
+ 230.09369800
14th Dec 2016 06:46:14
+ 241.93205400
14th Dec 2016 06:41:23
+ 962.65917800
14th Dec 2016 06:40:40
+ 880.84575300
14th Dec 2016 06:29:44
+ 223.30835600
14th Dec 2016 06:25:16
+ 438.68301300
14th Dec 2016 06:20:44
+ 283.35671200
14th Dec 2016 06:19:28
+ 218.13136900
14th Dec 2016 06:17:53
+ 878.42000000
14th Dec 2016 06:11:34
+ 684.04493100
14th Dec 2016 06:10:18
+ 881.33726000
14th Dec 2016 06:06:49
+ 283.04808200
14th Dec 2016 06:03:00
+ 1365.91301300
14th Dec 2016 05:59:46
+ 339.07767100
14th Dec 2016 05:49:17
+ 228.45191700
14th Dec 2016 05:47:19
+ 240.85109500
14th Dec 2016 05:35:20
+ 458.39945200
14th Dec 2016 05:27:32
+ 682.92301300
14th Dec 2016 05:26:59
+ 681.10643800
14th Dec 2016 05:26:05
+ 564.30232800
14th Dec 2016 05:25:45
+ 534.33698600
14th Dec 2016 05:23:46
+ 449.18219100
14th Dec 2016 05:22:27
+ 682.56904100
14th Dec 2016 05:21:29
+ 339.33054700
14th Dec 2016 05:20:12
+ 878.52945200
14th Dec 2016 05:14:29
+ 281.23753400
14th Dec 2016 05:09:35
+ 677.02520500
14th Dec 2016 05:08:46
+ 281.84424600
14th Dec 2016 05:06:28
+ 881.46726000
14th Dec 2016 05:05:11
+ 564.29397200
14th Dec 2016 04:52:39
+ 273.20136900
14th Dec 2016 04:47:59
+ 340.09246500
14th Dec 2016 04:46:46
+ 479.15712300
14th Dec 2016 04:43:58
+ 874.74876700
14th Dec 2016 04:43:43
+ 238.75534200
14th Dec 2016 04:43:32
+ 136.58972600
14th Dec 2016 04:37:41
+ 563.00890400

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  Warning Signs of Bipolar Disorder: 22 Signs
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-14, 06:21 PM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (5)

Except for the "feeling of guilt" I think this applies to our favorite Rimbit person Admin the scammer.

"Bipolar disorder is characterized as a mood disorder, often referred to as manic-depressive disorder. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder which carries a psychiatric diagnosis. Persons with bipolar disorder may experience periods of deep depression with breaks of mania as a complete mood shift. People with bipolar disorder often have cycles of elevated and depressed mood that fit the description of “manic depression.” Typically, when a person’s illness follows this classic pattern of elevated mood, depressed mood, hyperactivity, impulsivity, low energy, etc., recognizing and diagnosing bipolar disorder can be relatively easy.

Like most mental illnesses, the symptoms for bipolar disorder can be more pronounced or present themselves differently from person to person. It is important to both understand and remember that bipolar disorder is marked by extreme mood “swings” on one’s “emotional pole” between intense euphoria and severe depression.
Common Characteristics of Bipolar Disorder Include:
·         Racing thoughts
·         Rapid or pressured speech
·         Flight of ideas
·         Impulsivity

·         Euphoria (part of manic cycling)
·         Depression
·         Suicidal thoughts/suicidal ideations
·         Loss of interests in things once enjoyed
·         Grandiosity
·         Low energy
·         Bursts of energy
·         Gambling, excessive shopping, or overall overspending
·         Feelings of guilt
·         Angry mood without identifiable source/irritability
·         Promiscuity
·         Careless use of drugs, alcohol, or both (self-medicating)
·         Marked changes in sleeping or eating patterns (sleeping or eating too much or too little)
·         Changes in work performance, i.e., missing work, deadlines, underperforming, etc.
·         Pain without any identifiable cause
·         Chronic sadness
·         Intense feelings of hopelessness
·         Distorted perception of events


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  IGG is not listening...
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-14, 02:37 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (10)

Seems Indiegogo is ignoring us. Mark is still sending #scam mass mail from IGG.

It's mostly to himself though. 

Since he will not apologize for his action let's again make it clear that the only person in the world who made over $10 investing in Rimbit is Marcelo Karlsson (the scammer). He made over $250.000 by making many promises that of course never came true. It was him who did it, but he is blaming the old community. That means us in here.

WARNING TO EVERYONE. DON'T BUY ANY Rimbit FROM Marcelo Karlson, Thailand.

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Exclamation WARNING: Hello to Rimbiters - welcome. Rimbit is a scam coin.
Posted by: BobBobert - 2016-12-10, 10:57 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)

I was active in the old forum and passionate about Rimbit.  My company had produced various items to help publicise Rimbit, including flyers, business cards etc, and I was one of the most active members on social media.  We were one of only 2 or 3 companies in the world to accept Rimbit as payment for goods. 

Mark Karlsson (Cyber Hippie) has referred you here with another post about CBreum (Carsten) and Byre Straits (BS).

I want to tell you why I am here on this forum and not Mark Karlsson's.

Strangely, in the last few weeks of the old forum there was a split opinion on the best way forward.  Carsten, BS and most of the regulars there were in favour of what is called a burn.  This is where excess Rimbits would be destroyed.  I was very much against this.  I was in fact the lone voice against the burn.  We had friendly but heated discussions on this topic and I still believe that the burn was wrong at that time.  Mark Karlsson said little but I knew he was in favour of the burn too because that was a stated original aim of Rimbit right at the very start.  However he had changed his mind but not told anyone.

So why am I here?  Why have I sided with the so called rogues?  Why did I join a group who have as an aim to burn when I think it is wrong?

Because they had the best interests of the coin at heart and Mark Karlsson did not.

Mark Karlsson (Cyber Hippie) took at least $250,000 of our money (from IGG, from Patreon and from direct sales to large scale investors) and invested very little of it in Rimbit. There has been little or no development and promised projects - like the exchange that he promised in month 1 right at the start - never happened. All of our money has gone to his personal accounts and been wasted.  Now Mark Karlsson needs to feed his family and I have no problem with that.  A wage/salary is fine.  But even if he was paid $1000 a month that still leaves over $200,000 unaccounted for.

Where did it go?  Well we know about the nodes, they are cheap, there is the website, there was a failed exchange built, but nowhere near $200,000 has been spent.  Mark Karlsson refuses to divulge details so we can only assume he has scammed us and spent it on himself and his family.

However, the idea behind Rimbit is good and could have worked if Mark Karlsson had not behaved in such a shocking manner. A few of us had independently noticed that Mark Karlsson was actually inventing characters on the forum to cause dispute! I noticed a couple myself but one of the moderators, Byre Straits, spotted all the others and brought it to everyone's attention. Byre Straits prepared a document on this which is excellent and worth a read.

Mark Karlsson then created a lot of sock puppets such as Admin, who brought the forum into disrepute several times and lamrich who I had a "fun" conversation with

Personally I was against the burn at that time and I was the only one voicing that opinion. Mark Karlsson never once backed up my argument. He preferred to act through his sock puppets (which was against forum rules!). When it all started to crumble, I asked Mark Karlsson to just come out and apologise but he refused. I saw no alternative but to side with those Mark Karlsson calls the rebels and the rogues. These people, whilst mistaken about the burn, had Rimbit's best interests at heart. Mark Karlsson did not.

Mark Karlsson then invested stories about death threats and stated that he had reported "everyone" to the police. He had not reported us and we do not believe that he had received death threats. Sadly even his claims that he has terminal cancer now look like lies.  I hope he has not lied about that but it may be the case.

One of Mark Karlsson's favourite lies is that Carsten and BS are selling Rimbit back and forth to each other at rock bottom prices.  This is easily disproved in several ways. 

Firstly check the exchanges - there is little or no movement on rimbit. No one is buying or selling huge amounts.  Secondly check their wallets - you can see that they have not been doing this.

However, I do know who has been undermining Rimbit by selling it off in huge amounts at rock bottom prices. That is Mark Karlsson himself!  He is killing his own coin in his greed for cash just now.  He was selling off millions of Rimbits at prices that a while back would have only bought hundreds of Rimbit. 

So the money you handed over to Mark Karlsson  would have bought you many more Rimbit if you had only waited until his fire sale!  That is another reason why the price is so low and cannot recover.

I do not believe Rimbit can be saved.  I see no reason for Carsten or BS to fix the android problem that Mark Karlsson emailed you all about.  Why? It is throwing good money after bad.

Mark Karlsson has shown himself to be unfit to lead Rimbit to the great things we thought it once may become.

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Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-08, 12:12 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (7)

Look at this:


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  Did he stop posting?
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-08, 09:41 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (6)

Since Tuesday there has been no post in his forum. No talking with himself. Is he still alive?

Regarding IGG did you guys see the updated terms? Maybe it's a reaction from the posts we made to them. I also wrote to them that they can not close their eyes when he is mass mailing and accusing us for dumping and harming Rimbit.

"So as a community, are you prepared to let Carsten Breum and Byrestraits continue their destructive ways and continue to "spit" on your Rimbit?"

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  A future rogue one...
Posted by: Cell - 2016-12-06, 04:40 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (5)

SteinsMadScientist Is about to become a rogue one full time... he asked good questions in several posts. One funny one was about the "legal team" of Rimbit:

That's great to hear. What is the name of the firm? It would be great to know a bit more about them.

Mark's answer:


They are a private firm that I was introduced to, by an associate in Bangkok and since then, I have remained in contact with this firm on a business and personal relationship for over 5 years
Which leads to a dead end web site... I guess he took minutes to setup a false website just to answer this one! 

Never heard of a "private" legal firm who is so private that you can't find any of their facts anywhere. lol

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