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Exclamation Nasty people IGG post!
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-12-01, 09:34 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (20)

So now the scammer Marcello Karlsson made yet another IGG mass mail (~ max. 50-100 people I guess).
Here it is:

"I was messaged by a member who wanted to know about the exchanges and what he could do to make it better.

After a chat back and forth, he mentioned that he will do what he can for the community (not just himself) and start bringing Rimbit in in value.

So he made some trades, small. but honest trades

Then you have some evil hearted people who amuse themselves with lowering the value.
[Image: khxmrqmwffjgi1k6esmn.png]

The only way to make Rimbit better is to make sure these horrible people cannot continue to make impacts like they do.

So as a community, are you prepared to let Carsten Breum and Byrestraits continue their destructive ways and continue to "spit" on your Rimbit?


The only horrible people is Marcello Karlsson aka Admin aka DocSavage aka Lamrich aka sockpuppets. Why? 

Because you have been victum of a scam to make Mark live like a Queen in Thailand. To those who don't yet know the truth you should read the exposure of Marks lies here: http://rimbithub.com/

You can also go to the members only (you need to be registered) and read this for instance http://rimbit.dk/showthread.php?tid=9

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  And now this new message
Posted by: Cell - 2016-11-29, 07:28 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (13)

From IGG:

Great time to purchase from exchanges
There are some fantastic sales to be had on the exchanges.
You can view what people are selling their Rimbit for on coinmarketcap

This is the price Rimbit is going for and it is you the community can change the price as high or as low as you want!

He really thinks that we are idiots... he comes here, read our posts, and then try to answer it with his post... and also write some BS like this... 

We all know that he is the only one selling his millions of Rimbits on the exchange!! With 250M, at only half of half a cent, he still makes 125K USD! Something that will make him live forever in Thailand! 

And,  no, there is not any businessman willing to buy Rimbit. I think he is trying to make us believe that he will step down. Soon, a Chinese company will take over Rimbit, leaded by someone named Lamwong who will explain to us how much he knows about the Rimbit story and that he is willing to help us... if we buy some Rimbits, of course. So easy to see his next moves... and look at his next IGG post when he'll tell us that the negativity over the Rogue group made those businessman so afraid that they decided to not take over Rimbit. :p

Also this new one on the forum:

Rimbit's legal team is now handling discussions/negotiations with the interested parties

I have decided to step aside and let our legal team take on the discussions as they will be able to answer any legal questions, plus also help in transferring Rimbit to the possible new owners.

There has been a hint that they will suspend all sales for an extended time, should they purchase Rimbit and in that event, I will be turning OFF the coupons and also removing all Rimbit that is currently for sale.
The market they are aiming at is a Billion dollar industry and they require a coin that can do the job, without any of the mining hullabaloo, so the coin can run as a token of exchange.

In Japan there is a game called Pachinko Smile

"Our legal team" being Lamaliar, DocSayOnlyTheTruth and AdmitIt. Three great guys that I've met when I was in law school. :p

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  The early adopter question
Posted by: Cell - 2016-11-28, 06:24 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (16)

I guess you saw this early adopter question:

I've sent this mail on 22.10.16 but did not receive an answer.

Hello Rimbit-Team,

in the original campaign i did buy Rimbit for

250USD: Bestell-ID(Order-ID): 76, Beitragsdatum (buying date): April 23, 2014

500USD: Bestell-ID 310, Beitragsdatum Mai 15, 2014

50USD: Bestell-ID 504, Beitragsdatum Mai 22, 2014

Name and Amount of my orders are visible on Indiegogo. I am registered as Steve Emric, real Name Markus Richter.

For me as a student (expensive medicin university) this was a lot of money for those 63k coins, that are now buyable for about 12USD instead of 800USD. 

I know this is an unsure campaign but i do really want to see a little effort for my big Contribution, if Rimbit gains worth. As big Supporter of the campaign then, i do have now nothing instead of all them little contributors who have had only little impact on financing Rimbit (in relation).

Please give me a short answer on this, i would be really glad if we find a more fair solution.

kind regards,

And his usual BS answer:

Just like Bitcoin, we do not set the value of Rimbit. (We can set what its sold at, but the value is decided by everyone, via trading, as is the same for Bitcoin, USD, GBP, CAD or any currency)
The value of Rimbit is based on popularity, trade on exchanges and demand

The community (just like Bitcoin), needs to get behind the coin, so "a little effort" is required by the community to boost the price and after nearly 3 years, the efforts of the community, reflect the Rimbit price.
However, the current price does not reflect Rimbit at this stage as people like some of the "elite" members have chosen to take matters into their own hands and destroy yours and everyone elses Rimbit value.

There is a solution, which has been in place since day 1 of the campaign and that is to get behind Rimbit, promote it, encourage trade on exchanges.
As a medical student, I am guessing that simple logic is easy for you and you would know that Rimbit is only as valuable as the community make it.

We have asked people to get behind Rimbit for all these years via the IGG campaign, the forum and emails, but if everyone decides to let someone else "make a little effort" then it wont go far.

If everyone started making an effort today, then things will change, but expecting Rimbit or just a handful of people to do ALL the effort is just making things harder for everyone and we have tried very hard to let people know what is needed.

Its the same as building the best, most efficient car in the world. If nobody talks about it, buys it, encourages others to buy it, then that car will never progress any further and will eventually die.

But... the way we built Rimbit has made it so that it cannot die as there is no mining and therefor only requires wallets to be opened to continue Rimbit to function and that is the safety valve that makes Rimbit an asset that only requires the community to make a little effort to make it wonderful.

That makes me wonder... can we still ask questions on the IGG campaign? We should find a way to reach all those early adopters, this member ask a really good question and got BS as an answer. Reaching him and others wondering will help in stopping that nonsense scam... :/

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  Having another go at the community
Posted by: BobBobert - 2016-11-24, 05:42 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (8)


Mark Karlsson is talking about getting in developers to upgrade the wallets
"First things to be done will be updating the wallets, both PC and Mobile devices, then as funds permit, we will expand that to the Web/Mobile wallets, which will also enable the easy use of Paper Wallets."

Then he makes this comment "All of this is based on funding and if the community fail to get behind Rimbit, then none of this will happen."

Two comments to make - firstly why update wallets when the coin is looking like it is going nowhere.

But more importantly, secondly, THE COMMUNITY GAVE HIM OVER $200,000 and supported him FOR TWO YEARS!!!!!!!!!

We funded this already, we were fully behind the coin.  It was not destroyed by the community but by the developer who tried and failed to manipulate the community.

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  New IGG email - Chinese are interested
Posted by: BobBobert - 2016-11-24, 05:29 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (11)

The IGG email
Discussions in Place with Chinese Firm
We are currently in discussions with a Chinese firm that may play a major role in Rimbit, taking it into new markets and moving Rimbit at an extermely quicker rate than we can envisage.
At this stage, these discussions are more working out the next steps and I will be posting, more specifics, based on the discussions and what I can divulge, as we dont want to complicate their plans by divulging information that is not at the right time. I will be posting more information on the forum at http://www.rimbitforum.net/ when I can.
The current mods of the forum, where notified about this situation 2 weeks prior, however, I have not updated them, as we are still working out what will be happening and how it will happen.
For everyone that has Rimbit, I hope that this is the big step forward that we have all been waiting for, that will finally take Rimbit into the forefront of Crypto Currency!
I dont have much more information at the moment, but I will discuss with them, what information I can release, if any and if the discussions continue moving in a positive direction.

My comment...

What a strange email to send out. Basically, there may be a group of people interested in Rimbit who live in China. I am not sure if this is really news or just a rehash of "DocSavage" and his USA farmers interest.

It can be summed up as...
The news is that there is no news. There may be no news later either, and there is no news since 2 weeks ago when the mods were told that there was no news.

Also the usual Doc/Admin/Mohawk speeling mistkaes.

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  LEOCoin is taking of
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-11-21, 08:54 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (7)

Have you guys watched the PoS coin LEOcoin? It's now $0.896774 (78.06%) 


Luckily I swapped many of my Ethereum for LEOcoin some time ago.

I don't believe in Ethereum. Smart contracts is really a complicated matter with the possibility of many errors and for me the Ethereum doesn't look mature enough yet. I know more disagree and it's fine of course.

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Posted by: Carsten - 2016-11-21, 08:50 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (14)

MIT has a homepage for the blockchain tech http://blockchain.mit.edu/

It's a well known university and many of their courses are also available on video. Maybe you can find some Hugues?

This is probably also worth watching:

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Wink 0 Patreons for Marcello...
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-11-20, 01:06 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)

Seems like he also lost his latest Patreon supports. No post in his forum since Thursday.


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  His new post
Posted by: Cell - 2016-11-17, 06:32 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (8)

Rimbit works in a very simple way and every person who has Rimbit, can decide what its value is.

People can either let "idjutz" set the price of Rimbit and continue to lower it


People can take responsibility for their Rimbit and work to make it more profitable!!!

We wont be doing this for the community anymore as we are not the people and only the community can make it great again...
The only thing we will be doing is "Buying Back" Rimbit from exchanges, based on sales we get on www.rimbit.com

Still another riddle... The only "idjutz" setting the price this low now is Mark Karlsson himself. Selling MILLIONS of Rimbits for HUNDREDS of dollars killed its value forever!!!

He is still asking the universe to make his work, while he should be (in his own head) the only one paid for all the work he does not do. And the "WE" is sooooo overuse... when "WE" are just one person, I think "I" is the good pronoun to use in English, isn't it?

And, he explain his scam well here:

1- Let's buy some Rimbits on Rimbit.com (note: all the money goes to my own wallet... or "OUR" wallet would he say).
2- I took YOUR money and buy ME some rimbits on an exchange.
3- I put a jpg of the transaction on the COMMUNITY SITE (the one that I supposedly not run, because it is NOT the COMPANY) to make believe that I bought some rimbits.
4- I make sure that I also make a post telling people that WE (I) ARE (AM) the only one doing something.
5- And then, go back to number 1.

Guess what... nobody will fall for that scam... ever!

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  Blockchain explorer down!
Posted by: Carsten - 2016-11-16, 09:00 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (32)

Seems like the end is near (or my work IP is banned):


Must try on VPN after work.

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