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  Complains about moderation...
Posted by: Carsten - 2017-04-22, 02:02 PM - Forum: Rimbit Talk - Replies (4)

Look here (https://t.co/6KoxR1zwy6):

[Image: C-A_MUmW0AEQmxP.jpg]

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  World War III
Posted by: Hugues - 2017-04-18, 07:29 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (26)

The global situation at this moment looks not OK at all.

We have a stupid president in the US.
We have a Senile president in Northern Korea, who is provoking.
These 2 are going to war against each other.

It should be their problem, but how will this affect the rest of the world?
How is Russia, China, Turqui going to react? I don't know, but this could escalate.

I am seriously worried about all this.

When it comes to war, i suppose money supplies will be restricted.
The only money that can not be held behind is crypto money.

If you ask me it is time to get into crypto NOW.

Have a look at the latest evolution of the major players in crypto.
They are going higher and higher every day. The economical world is reacting nervously, and maybe they are looking for alternatives.

4 suggestions:





If I am not mistaken I posted a few month ago about Ethereum. I posted that it could skyrocket.
Well look at the price now and the price 3 months ago.

I forecast a good evolution for gridcoin too.

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  GOkey ... yet another #scam IGG project.
Posted by: Carsten - 2017-04-15, 09:41 AM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (8)

Lost money again on this https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gokey.../7156597#/

Got a mail this morning:

"Dear Backers:
I sincerely regret to inform you that GoKey lacks the funds to complete the delivery of a viable product.  We ran into technical difficulties that we could not resolve.  There are no funds left to cover claims of suppliers and others or to offer refunds.  I have been exploring all avenues to raise additional funds so that we could complete and deliver the product, but we have been unsuccessful. 
I honestly fought with all I had to do good at the end. Tried so hard to raise a round or form a partnership to deliver. And there have been times where a deal was looking 100% certain. But the age of the product, the liability and the negative cloud hanging over it always prevailed.
I am left with no alternative but to completely cease and shut down all operations and activities and consider filling for bankruptcy.  
I feel terribly shameful for letting you down.
I am sorry,

Funded $1.2 million!! For three years I have heard one excuse after the other....read the comment section...it's fun..https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gokey...#/comments

"9 minutes ago
to all the backers: send an email to the indiegogo customer happiness support copying the last update from this piece of shit (smartly he change his picture, as he doesn’t want to be recognized) and asking for more information and documents about the money. If they do not answer in a couple of days, send the email again and again. Let’s flood their email inbox as long as they continue to bullshit us.
@Doros: you are just a liar, a thief, a scammer. 3 years of bullshits! Fuck you

[Image: thumbnail-c2d15a9c26ca9d1139634647e099dd...a807cb.png]
martin thompson11 minutes ago
Hope you end up in jail

[Image: gdzh19r5uemenyoo0x9r.jpg]
Travis17 minutes ago
Unf*#king Believeable….Doros you are a scam artist! Over a million dollars generated, and you deliver nothing and offer no refund. Shove it up your ass!


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  Don't ever do this
Posted by: Hugues - 2017-04-12, 08:23 PM - Forum: Wallets - Replies (5)

Never get involved in Rimbit.
Don't even think of downloading the Rimbit wallet.

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  Dissociative identity disorder (DID)
Posted by: Carsten - 2017-04-08, 02:49 PM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (6)

In the movie Split (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4972582) we follow a guy with DID (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociati...y_disorder). Without spoiling too much I can say he has 23 identities. Maybe 24 when counting "The monster"...question is if "the monster" ever shows up.... You will find out if you see the movie.

He holds 3 young girls captive in a basement. The girls are of course very afraid of what identity they will have to face and what story the identity will tell.

Well it seems like something we have experienced before with DocSavarage, Lamrich, Cyperhippie and maybe lately with NickP, Michael Lopes etc in the old Rimbit forum. Nothing is happening there these days. It's more dead than here.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[Image: SplitTheBeast.jpg?itok=Uk465Hcc&timestamp=1485202130]

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  Talking about dumping prices...
Posted by: Carsten - 2017-04-05, 08:51 AM - Forum: Rimbit Talk - Replies (3)

Have you seen the prices on rimbitforum.net?  I wonder if any would buy just a single Rimbit anymore? I don't think so and hope not!  

Last time Rimbit is listed for sale!
Bitcoin payment only

$50 - 100,000 RBT
$100 - 200,000 RBT
$250 - 500,000 RBT
$500 - 1,000,000 RBT

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  The movie Split?
Posted by: Carsten - 2017-04-04, 09:27 AM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (4)

The movie Split has gotten good reviews. IMDB summarize the movie this way:

"Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities, they must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th."


Seems like an interesting movie....

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  Theresa May would go to war to protect Gibraltar, Michael Howard says
Posted by: Carsten - 2017-04-03, 11:35 AM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (6)

....did you Brits foresee this as a consequence of leaving EU?


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  20 C and sun outside
Posted by: Carsten - 2017-03-31, 03:49 PM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (7)

Pool pump will be installed now!! Big Grin Big Grin

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  Revealing typo
Posted by: Cell - 2017-03-29, 11:55 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (9)

Lol, look at his last post...

Some people wanted the burn done immediately and since they didn't get their way, they created havoc (Typical Left Side tactics)

This time, there is just under a years notice of the burn

A yearS... see how does Mark think. Sorry Mark, but YOU destroyed Rimbit when you squandered all the money we sent you, to buy youself a car, a moto, game stuff, etc. And then, you banned the only ones who really cared about the project.

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