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Big Grin Toilet Paper Token is no. 1 on Coinmarketcap
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-03-31, 09:06 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (4)

WOW this is awesome.... Toilet paper token 

[Image: EUdbSUbXgAMiU1e?format=jpg&name=large]

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  Binance is buying Coinmarketcap
Posted by: Junior - 2020-03-31, 10:45 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (3)

So it was just released and is blowing up on twitter that binance is buying coinmarketcap for $400 million. Is this good or bad? I am not sure if this is good. Binance is becoming very very huge in the crypto space.

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  Aggregation between DEFI and Exchanges
Posted by: Hugues - 2020-03-30, 03:55 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (3)

Reliable DeFi Aggregation

Totle aggregates decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers into a suite of tools that makes it easy to access deep liquidity for DeFi assets at the best price.


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  Bitcoin Price Appears To Be Decoupling From Other Asset Classes Again
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-03-28, 08:54 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - No Replies

This is also interesting. The decoupling of Bitcoin prices from stock prices.

"Bitcoin fell sharply along with all other assets during the global valuation collapse. Because it tracked with other assets like stocks, gold, and oil, there were more questions about Bitcoin correlation. Is Bitcoin an uncorrelated asset? One that doesn’t consistently move in the same or opposite direction as other securities?
The Bitcoin price was uncorrelated with stocks over the 2019 calendar year. That seems to suggest its price has determinants that don’t overlap, either positively or inversely, with those of stock prices. That’s no idle curiosity. If Satoshi Nakamoto’s coin is an uncorrelated asset, then it has a certain appeal as a hedge for investors to diversify their portfolio.
So many noticed and were quick to point out that Bitcoin cratered like the rest of the world. At one point, the market capitulated over 40% in 24 hours. But this one data point is hardly enough for the “Bitcoin is a correlated asset” side to claim victory in the debate. Even an uncorrelated asset will sometimes move with other assets. It’s how consistently this happens over time that determines whether it’s a correlated asset or not.

One Datum Does Not A Trend Make
Obviously, something happened in February that was bigger than all of us. The world’s markets shuddered in the worst panic since maybe the Great Depression. So, of course, Bitcoin got pulled down that gravity well along with everything else. That’s not surprising. In fact, it’s precisely what happened with gold and equities in 2008. While gold is inversely correlated with stocks, spot gold fell in early 2008 along with the stock market.
That was a “flight to safety” period that only lasted some months. It was a temporary shift in gold’s usual behavior as an inversely correlated asset to a positively correlated asset. When markets seize up that badly, investors sell everything for cash and cash-like instruments to keep their holdings safe while assessing the situation and deciding what to do next. They also need money during market crashes to cover their margin calls. 
That is a likely reason for the gold and Bitcoin selloff this time around.

Bitcoin Price Appears to Be Decoupling

The crash in Bitcoin and gold prices may continue for some more time, or it may reach bottom very soon. It’s impossible to time the market. Or at least it’s not something I’m inclined to try to do. But if they follow the same path of gold after the last financial crisis, the flight to safety is followed by a decoupling. Gold would return to its inversely correlated behavior and Bitcoin to the non-correlation of literal yesteryear. It would seem in recent days that the Bitcoin price has done precisely that:

[Image: bitcoin-decoupling-from-other-asset-clas...36x928.jpg][img=1024x0]https://cryptopotato.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/bitcoin-decoupling-from-other-asset-classes-1024x618.jpg[/img]Left: Sunday | Right: Thursday |

If you check the 5-day chart, though, Bitcoin can be seen decoupling from stocks.
[Image: bitcoin-snp-500-dow-jones-industrial-ave...-chart.jpg][img=1280x0]https://cryptopotato.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/bitcoin-snp-500-dow-jones-industrial-average-5-day-chart.jpg[/img]Bitcoin, S&P 500 Index, Dow Jones Industrial Average 5-Day Chart. | Source: TradingView"


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  Bitcoin Price Could Reach $17,800 In 6 Months Following Extreme Difficulty Adjustment
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-03-28, 08:50 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (15)

If the prediction is true then altcoins will also go up maybe 3-6 times as well.

"Bitcoin’s network went through one of its biggest difficulty adjustments just recently. While this had a quick and expected impact on the network, everything is back on track with blocks being produced on schedule.

However, interesting performance data reveals that the price tends to increase following extreme difficulty adjustments, such as the one that was witnessed on March 26th. According to some analysts, this might be quite favorable for Bitcoin’s price in the medium term.

.... read the rest here. "


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  Binance launches Credit Card
Posted by: Junior - 2020-03-27, 02:55 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)

Binance has just announced the launch of a credit card. We see more and more launching credit cards this is good for crypto to become main stream, however in the future they will become useless when crypto is main stream and we do not need to exchange our crypto to the dirty fiat.

You can view more here:

I hope you are all well!

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  You know who is the Richest Bitcoin Owners In India
Posted by: Alexanejohnson - 2020-03-26, 01:18 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (5)

The fame of cryptographic forms of money, what we see today, is all due to Bitcoin. It is the main advanced cash which turned into a sensation since the time it made its introduction on third January 2009. In spite of the fact that there is a misinterpretation or you can say disarray among the individuals to think about its genuine author. Some state it is Satoshi Nakamoto, though some consider Craig Wright to be its genuine author. Be that as it may, in a large portion of the cases, Satoshi Nakamoto is accepted to be its genuine organizer. so now we go to know who is the news/list-of-famous-bitcoin-investors or another whole world.

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  Are you safe? Corona and crypto
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-03-24, 04:54 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (6)

Hi to all of you still reading this forum.

It's been a while since I posted and the reason for that is a mix of things that just have been more important, but now I would like to make a post.

First of all I want to say that the world have never in modern time seen such a deadly pandemic that we are facing now. I therefore really hope you are all safe where you are and that you follow the guidelines of your police and governments. In these times I chose to follow the guidelines instead of making questions about if their severe impact on my life is valid or not. I think in this case with the Corona virus it's not easy for governments to find the right restrictions to make so maybe they go to far or maybe they don't go far enough. We don't know until it has reached a level where it's under control. We are far from there yet.

We also know that the virus has mutated already and more than 40 version was found on Island in a relatively small population. What is very scary if it's mutate to an airborne version that are more deadly than what we see now. It's therefore important that we for once try to do our duty to the rest of the world and stay home and keep distance to others. Easter is around the corner and one of the important times for families to come together and celebrate. For the first time ever we has to cancel Easter and I guess many of you will do the same.

Let's hope we acted in time and we come through this crises with as few deaths as possible.

The impact on the air traffic is massive. Never ever seen before. Vacations in Italy, Spain, Greece and France is cancelled in massive numbers making it even harder for the people used to provide service for tourists to have an income. Production around the globe is put on hold in many areas related to the aviation industry. Restaurants, hotels and airports are firing staff because of the change in traffic. So what does our governments do to keep the system from collapsing?

That's a good question. Because of the recovery from the last financial crises in 2008 we have massive savings here in Denmark and banks are loaded with money. Our economy is good and can survive this for many months even the government has put a safety net out to compensate all the businesses that has to close because of direct order from the government. In USA Trump is already talking about reopening the country because the cure is more expensive than the disease. It seems Trump is closing his eyes because the pandemic is just started in US. It should peak in 5-6 weeks there. At the same time US is printing money like never before and is virtually bankrupt. We have therefore seen a drop in the value of USD vs. Euro, but today it's slowly coming going up a bit. So just a tip to those who are in USDT, DAI or other stable coins to keep an eye on the value of the dollar.

Then there is gold. Gold took a big dive, but also gold is slowly coming back up.

How about crypto? Well Bitcoin is the base and measured against (the falling USD) it's going up again but it also took a huge hit like all other major cryptos. 

Regarding the future then this crises will change our lives forever. Travel as we knew it is over. The globalization has stopped. Finally we see that moving all production to China was stupid in case of a crises. Now we have it and we are short on many supplies. Some companies now change their production to produces sanitises and protection to the staff working in hospitals. We will see that change all over the world. I think this will have a huge impact on the European and American economy in a few months from now. The question is if the system collapses or survives. 

I bet you that crypto will survive and probably be a better place to put your money than the bank. The printing of money causes inflation and even the crypto fluctuates it will not have the inflation our fiat system does. 

There is many uncertainties in this post. It's written from the top of my head so there is probably spelling errors and minor mistakes, but I thought it was time to reach out to all who read this and give away my thoughts.

Once again I do hope you are all well.


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  FED is going to print money because....... :-)
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-03-17, 10:06 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

This is fun:

"$700B quantitative easing"? "Interest rate cuts to zero"?

Here's a simple cartoon to explain it all in just two minutes


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  Economical situation 2020 (Corona)
Posted by: Hugues - 2020-03-15, 03:42 PM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (62)

The Federal Reserve has announced $ 1500 billion in interventions. To give you an idea, the FED's full annual budget was less than $ 1000 billion for 2008.

And that $ 1500 billion is just the beginning. They're going to flood us with cash.

We are currently experiencing a deflationary shock similar to the 1930s.

The main difference with the 1930s is that central banks were tied hands and feet to the gold standard at that time. We do not know this limitation today anymore, which means that money can be printed to your heart's content.

And they will print! Thousands and thousands of billions of dollars!
Central banks in Europe and other countries will follow this example,

So the deflation we see today (and the value of our investments plummeting) is rather temporary, I suspect.

Compare it to 2008. Even then precious metals initially went down… and then bottomed first and made new highs there.

Silver went from $ 17 to $ 8 ... then rose to $ 50.

Gold went from $ 1000 to $ 750 ... and spurted to $ 1900.

And GDX went from $ 53 to $ 15… and hit $ 63.

I believe crypto is going the same way.

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