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Thumbs Up Amon will BURN the unsold tokens on June 10'th
Posted by: Carsten - 2018-06-08, 07:23 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (14)

[Image: DfJR6j8X0AELNKh.jpg:large]

I can't update the picture until this afternoon since i'm on mobile today.

Hugues or junior feel FREE to do the update for me.  pic is on my Twitter.

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  Sign up for Bitwala. A debit card like the Amon card
Posted by: Carsten - 2018-06-06, 02:56 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (6)

You may use this link:


About  Bitwala (German based):

Bringing you one card for
all your needs*

ATM withdrawals and on the go and online payments
will be easier. And much better* 


Anywhere credit cards are accepted*
You will be able to spend your funds at over 30 million locations*



Real time, instant notifications for all your future transactions*
From online and offline card payments to ATM withdrawals, you will be able to easily keep track of your account activity*

Your security is our priority*
Immediately lock or unlock your 3D Secure card and turn on and off online, ATM and international payments with a simple tap*


Be among the first to get access when we launch

Pre-register now

Be part of the crypto revolution*


You will be able to use your card wherever credit cards are accepted*


Set daily and monthly payments and withdrawal limits*


PIN change and report lost or stolen card via mobile app*

* Bitwala prepares the legal documents to meet the legal requirements to conduct banking business and to provide financial services in Germany. Currently, Bitwala neither conducts any banking business nor provides any financial services in Germany. All products described on this site are not offered at the moment but will probably be offered once Bitwala has launched.

Pre-register for a Bitwala account and be the first to get access once it goes live!

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  US Dollar is going down!!!!!!!! Must read!
Posted by: Hugues - 2018-06-05, 11:09 PM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (17)

Have you ever heard about SDR?

Special Drawing Rights (SDR or XDR) are certificates issued by the International Monetary Fund. They were introduced within the Bretton Woods system to have a global common basis of payment, independent of currency fluctuations against another and without favoring a country by raising a country's currency to an international standard. The value of the Special Drawing Rights is determined by a basket of the most important trading currencies within the global monetary system: The Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound and Yuan. These trading currencies can be set off against each other in SDRs via a fixed currency system at the IMF.

The SDR will act as a synthetic world reserve currency created by the IMF to achieve an orderly transition from the US Dollar as a world reserve currency to a trade currency. The final launch of the SDR is in fact a new Bretton Woods financial-economic agreement for the replacement of the US Dollar for the SDR. It will imply a landslide for the world economy and a possible restructuring of the international balance of power.

The Dollar as a world reserve currency must be converted into a trade currency in an orderly manner. An uncontrolled implosion of the dollar will destroy the world economy and plunge the world into chaos. In the event of a collapsing dollar, the SDR will have to act (temporarily or permanently) as the new world reserve currency. To avoid hyperinflation, the SDR will be officially covered by gold. It is one of the main reasons why China and Russia buy huge quantities of gold. It is not entirely clear whether the SDR will be based on a gold standard. Probably gold will be added as a 'trade coin' in the basket of coins. Another alternative is that the trade coins themselves must be covered with a basket of hard assets such as gold. In any case it is not entirely clear how gold will play an important role. Nevertheless, gold is, as Alan Greenspan himself already confessed, the ultimate currency.

The consequences for the US Dollar and the West.

The SDR will also include an international bond trading system that is held by the financial elite within the IMF, the World Bank and the BIS. Countries will be able to issue their bonds themselves via the SDR mechanism with the help of these institutions. The bonds will be nominated in SDR instead of the US Dollar. These are the SDR denominated bonds. The Chinese have already released one for further positioning as the Yuan as a world trade currency!

special drawing rightsThe dismantling of the US Dollar as a world reserve currency continues steadily and US bonds (Treasuries) will be avoided and dumped more and more. Instead, more and more SDR-nominated bonds will come into circulation. As a result, the Federal Reserve can also have room to raise interest rates little by little and allow a controlled devaluation of the US Dollar. The effects of an interest rate rise are not tender, but must take place to reform the current financial system whereby the dollar as a world trade currency will be on an equal footing with the other world trade coins.

The increase in interest rates will of course cause considerable economic shocks. The advantage is that the Dollar and the Euro with the corresponding debts will become cheaper. Restructuring the sovereign debt will become cheaper. For the ordinary citizen with a lot of savings this is only news. There is even mention of the split of the US Dollar: Dollars in circulation outside the United States held as a reserve at the major banks. And the American Dollars in circulation in the United States. The domestic Dollar will lose much more in value than the foreign Dollar. The foreign dollar could then continue to trade as a currency within the SDR system. It is not yet clear, but preparations are being made.

The EMU with the Euro and the European Stability Mechanism can actually be regarded as a regional experiment of the SDR on a global scale. The SDR will be further complimented with a (SDRM) Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism.

It should be clear that this more controlled transition period also has enormous consequences for ordinary people in the streets, especially in the West. The Americans will lose enormous purchasing power. They will have to reform the debts. The country can be demoted to a third world country and placed under guardianship of the powerful central financial institutions. The Greek Tragedies and the subsequent European Crisis will have its own variant in the United States.

The Western financial elite (those in power within the BIS, IMF and Word Bank) will be able to retain part of their power with the help of the Special Drawing Rights and share it with the Chinese financial elite in particular. The game as played by the Federal Reserve can now be continued on a global level, with the exception that gold will play a role as an international ledger. FDRs can also be digitally printed, but the printer will eventually also have to look at the gold stocks and the gold price.

The introduction of the (FED) Federal Reserve was an attack on the financial sovereignty of the United States, especially as the recent introduction of ESM for European countries is. A fierce opponent of the FED at that time was Louis McFadden he already warned the citizens: "The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is eager to establish close ties with the Bank for International Settlements and there is no doubt that the intention is to join the American and European banking system with the intention of creating a financial power that is independent and above the American and European governments. Today's America will be transformed from one of the most productive nations in the world into a lazy consuming and importing nation with an increasingly negative trade balance. "
The agenda for the introduction of a single global financial system in the hands of an elite seems to work indeed. The American banker James Paul Warburg said in the thirties of the last century: "Whether we want it or not, there will be one world government. The only question is whether this will be realized through war and conquest or by consent. "

The question is of course whether it also works out as intended. The financial elite in Asia and China can in fact take over the above international institutions from the inside. In this way, China can emerge as the main world power and implement a multilateral system, which is mainly controlled by the United States. Via the AIIB and the new side routes they can reach Germany within their zone of influence with the help of Russia. Germany, including the Netherlands, only benefits from an alliance with the East for building a Euro-Asian economic zone. The American elite can get the worst of it and the weapons they have built to preserve the world's financial order will now be used against their own. The litmus test will be the internal development of NATO and whether the American army is interested in a Third World War. If NATO falls apart, and the highest commanders within the US Army are at stake, then the end will be exercise for the American elite and they will have to contribute to building a multi-polar world with a multilateral financial system based on the SDR and eventually gold.
These developments are all difficult to foresee. Be that as it may, the world is on the verge of major changes and the Special Drawing Rights will play an important role in the reform of the global monetary system. Within the World Bank and IMF there will be all kinds of intrigue about what the reform will look like and who ultimately has the most to say.

It seems that some very powerful Global Elites (including IMF members) decided to poor this SDR in some kind of Distributed Ledger and to implement it very soon. If so... Trump will not be able to do anything about it. Even wors, he will be blamed for the chaos. And believe me; it will have a chaotic impact for many Americans ( probably also many Europeans) and all those that have US Dollars in their portofolio. This scenario could happen sooner than we could think.
Many will call me crazy or paranoid, I know. I am predicting the fall of world economy since more than 5 years. People tell me: "See, we are still there. Where is you collapse?"

Buy silver, buy gold and Crypto currencies so that you are covered when the American Dollar loses its world reserve status.

All Americans present here in this forum; be warned.

The world has had it with USD. Trump started a global trade war! Well he gets one.

P.S. The question is also to what extent the crypto-equity that the large banks themselves issue as the SETL coin also play a role in guaranteeing global financial transactions and financial trust. Will the IMF and WorldBank also invest in blockchain technology? Who knows, will we eventually get a cryptocurrency as a world reserve currency covered with gold bars in the IMF safes?

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  Konios: Alternative for DEX
Posted by: Hugues - 2018-06-05, 10:22 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (1)

Konios has built a platform where the cash & cryptocurrency can be exchanged digitally and locally.
A unique platform that is secured decentrally by The Konios Blockchain technology.
The Konios platform is the face to face anonymous, but secure transaction platform for cryptocurrency and cash. It is a digital exchange where even the cryptocurrency pair can be exchanged too. Buying and selling of goods and services are possible on this platform through cash and cryptocurrency.
The Konios platform for trading is a platform for the laymen who are trying to cope with the cryptocurrency trading. The platform is easy to use and offers customized parameter’s chart along with analysis tools for the users. The inexperienced users will benefit the most out of the predictions and necessary information regarding cryptocurrency.
The users can then use the predictions to their benefit by trading in the marketplace of the Konios. The data available on the Konios platform can be downloaded for free through Excel download or API. The Konios blockchain ensures a secure transaction that goes through 5 security steps. The highest security level takes place at the time of the F2F transaction.
Smart contracts make the transaction processing in the trading, exchange, and the marketplace anonymous. The Konios platform has already taken preventive measures to protect its users from money laundering.

The Konios wallet can be used for all coins and activities in a fast and simple manner. Konios is a platform where the users get rewarded for the participants as well as for their loyalty towards the platform.
To maintain the platform of Konios, a minimum fee is charged and that is payable by both the buyer and seller. In case, there are any service issues with the platform, the users can seek help from round the clock customer service through telephone service and e-mail.
The Konios token is the access card of the Konios platform with the help of which the users can take part in the F2F transactions. Without the KON Tokens, the users won’t be able to access any services of the platform.
The Konios platform is available on both the Android and iOS platform for the users. The platform is very much user-friendly.

At this moment you can get some free tokens via Airdrops: https://airdrop.konios.com/?r=CVBXZ6XKM3I-3844607

If you want to know more and view the whitepaper you can go to the website.

It looks like a genuine project to me.


Business Services


Token Type

Start Date
May 01, 2018

End Date
Jun 30, 2018


Payment Method

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Fiat
Start Price
1 KON = 0.01 USD

10% to 35%

Total Supply

Know Your Client (KYC)

Presale Start Date
Apr 10, 2018

Presale End Date
Apr 10, 2018



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  War against scam ICO's and shit coins
Posted by: Hugues - 2018-06-05, 08:08 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (6)

Binance Official: ‘If the ICO Bubble Bursts, It’s a Good Thing for the Industry

Ella Zhang said that she is helping Binance to deal with the scams that have emerged as a result of the hype, with so-called Cryptocurrency Governance Initiatives, or CGI. The purpose of the initiative is to “fight scams and sh*t coins, and to boost crypto and blockchain technology.”

Within the initiative, Binance will reportedly support funds and token teams it’s working with, but they must promise that "they won’t participate in pump and dump" schemes, and that they will build products according to their white papers. Binance will stop investing in funds and delist tokens from teams that do not honor their commitments.


Maybe we should consider giving all evidence against Rimbit to Binance. I believe they have more influence than our forum?

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  Video content publishing: Bit.Tube
Posted by: Hugues - 2018-06-05, 07:30 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (1)

We all know that ‘the blockchain‘ is here to stay. And that’s why everyone is embracing it with open arms. Because when you can’t stop something, you should join it and make the most of the ride.
On similar lines, the new video content publishing platforms are exploring the blockchain and coming up with innovative applications.
Formerly we had D.tube powered by Steemit but now a bigger and better video publishing platform powered by blockchain is out to create an even fairer marketplace for the video content – Bit.Tube – and it achieves its user incentivization goals via IPFS and BitTube Coin (formerly known as IBPC-Interplanetary Broadcast Coin.)
Moreover, such an alternative is welcome, when YouTube is making its policies more and more stringent and becoming hostile to publishers as well as users of its platform.

You can find all info on their site: https://coin.bit.tube/

This is the URL of the platform: https://bit.tube/dashboard

The past 24h the coin went up with 72%.

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  New and future BTC wallets
Posted by: Hugues - 2018-06-05, 07:13 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (1)

For your information.




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  A religion based on #blockchain.
Posted by: Carsten - 2018-06-04, 08:07 AM - Forum: Uncategorized - Replies (11)

I didn't see this coming. A religion based on Blockchain.

"In this religion, the people participating and involved could essentially vote and continuously change the structure and nature of it," said Avery Singer, an artist and supporter of 0xΩ, according to the Forbes report.


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  Rumors says Marcello Karlsson is in Sweden.
Posted by: Carsten - 2018-06-03, 07:05 PM - Forum: Rimbit Talk - Replies (13)

A guy has contacted me and said Mark Karlsson is in Sweden now. Moved from Thailand to Sweden. 

Just passing on the information to anyone interested.

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  Buy Crypto While It Is Cheap, Says Major Crypto Hedge Fund CEO
Posted by: Carsten - 2018-06-02, 11:22 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (16)

Is he right? Or is it just wishful thinking?


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