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  Attack on this site
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-10-30, 01:58 PM - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

A huge amount of attacks has taken place over the last days for signing up on this site. More than 6000 times has users tried to sign up. I think it's bots, but someone has actually taken the time to write code to do so.  I don't understand why since this site is not active and not worth anything.

Registration has now been disabled since I have no interest in bringing in new members. A few of us have a Discord server that those who have not joined can join by contacting me or one of the other trusted members.

Below a list of some of the IP's that are now banned from this site.

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Photo Cardano keeps going!
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-05-31, 11:43 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - No Replies

The good news from Cardano bout the Shelley launch really seems to boost the price of ada.

[Image: EZVjbPPWkAU2Ily?format=jpg&name=large]

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  Satoshi ALIVE??????
Posted by: Junior - 2020-05-20, 05:59 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (6)

So crazy things happening right now on the bitcoin blockchain 40 BITCOINS just moved from a wallet that mined 50 bitcoins within the first month of bitcoins existing. This wallet is maybe satoshi!

This is crazy news!

The wallet that mined the 50 bitcoins in 2009

The wallet that received 40 of those coins today!

This really narrows down who satoshi can be, i can only see a few public figures we know to have been around since 2009 and then satoshi.
So the question is if this is really satoshi!

Let me know what you think!

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  Crypto Traders Are Longing ETH (And Not Much Else)
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-05-19, 11:54 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (1)

Seems that ETH with the announcement of ETH 2.0 get's much attention. Please also remember that the Bitcoin community are stock in their old technology and sill believe they are superior to other coins. Nothing could be more wrong. Still Bitcoin dominates but mostly of a storage of value.


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  Price of ETH has outperformed BTC both in April (57%) and YTD (64%)
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-05-10, 03:36 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (2)

Interesting read and May forecast:

Last month we published our first monthly market outlook with insights, analysis and perspectives on crypto and the broader financial markets. We received a very positive response to the April Outlook and as we head into May we’re pleased to offer you our latest thoughts on a variety of topics, including the overall stock market’s performance and what it means for crypto, why Ethereum’s price is outperforming Bitcoin’s and whether that will continue, and (of course) what impact we expect from the bitcoin mining reward “halving” anticipated on 12 May.
1. Market movements: BTC is outperforming gold, but Bonds are outperforming BTC
·       Crypto continued its rebound from its mid-March lows and at end of April bitcoin was up 22% for 2020
·       Bitcoin has also outperformed other assets that have generated a positive return for 2020 (eg gold +6%), but is underperforming long-dated US Treasuries (eg TLT ETF + 23%) and a few cryptoassets
2. Will Ethereum (ETH) continue to outperform bitcoin, or are improved fundamentals and Ethereum 2.0 already priced in?
·       Price of ETH has outperformed BTC both in April (57%) and YTD (64%)
·       Ethereum (ETH) has shown positive fundamentals in 2020 with rising ERC-20-based stablecoin use and progress towards Ethereum 2.0 rollout
·       Overall, holding ETH is probably riskier than holding BTC, but as the various forms of wrapped BTC (eg WBTC) gain momentum there is growing recognition that Bitcoin and Ethereum are more complementary than competitive
3. What is going on with the stock market, and what does it mean for crypto?
·       US GDP shrank by nearly 5% in Q1 and over 30 million Americans have now filed unemployment claims in the last six weeks, but the S&P 500 index gained 13% on the month and is now only down 10% year-to-date.
·       Amidst this environment, more and more evidence indicates that institutional and retail investors are looking to both gold and bitcoin as an alternative to buying stocks at present valuations.
4. Pre-halving hashrate has rebounded to near all-time highs and why there are more on-chain transactions than it seems at first glance
·       The third halving is coming soon in May, we looked into previous halving cycles. The hash rate has confirmed the rebound we announced in April, and is back to high levels of 2020.
·       Confirmed transactions have slowly increased throughout the month of April; we dive into what it really means and look back at the recent drop in March.
·       As the Bitcoin network became congested toward the end of April, we explain how mempool size and fees per transaction are related.
5. Key takeaways from bitcoin’s pre-halving price recovery
·       Stablecoin activity can act as a proxy of risk-on/risk-off behavior in the cryptocurrency markets, and throughout the last few months we’ve seen daily active addresses increase for Tether
·       There are some early pre-BTC halving signals of derivatives traders opening more short positions.
6. Why this halving will be different from previous halvings
·       In 2020 we have a much broader array of market participants, larger market players, more established exchanges, and a far more developed derivatives market
·       Miners are also relatively smaller market players now in 2020 than they were in the past
·       Bottom line: the 2020 halving will likely have less price impact than the 2012 and 2016 halvings


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  Signup to bittube to support freedom of speech
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-05-09, 09:22 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (2)

Bittube is a blockchain based video channel. It's like youtube just on the blockchain. There is moderation but far from the same as on youtube.

You can sign up and earn tube coins just by watching.


You should also add this chrome extension to have access to your wallet https://bittube.app/

Even i don't agree with with this video about covid I think it's okay it's there


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  MinexCoin is now very cheap?
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-05-07, 05:30 PM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (5)

The question is if MinexCoin are completely dead? The daily volume is almost nothing now on CMC  so to me it's an indication that it is over.

What do you think?

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  Mimblewimble Integration on it's way for Litecoin
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-05-05, 09:19 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (2)

The upcoming Mimblewimble Integration for Litecoin making "real" anonymous transactions possible could really boost the value of Litecoin.

If it it's released after summer I think that Litecoin which is much faster than Bitcoin could easily gain popularity and go back to above $300.


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  ETH 2.0 Issuance Will Be 2 Million a Year at Most Says Vitalik
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-05-02, 08:22 AM - Forum: Bitcoin and Altcoin - Replies (6)

With ETH 2.0 the amount of eth entering the market will be less than at the current network. Currently ~4.7 million eth is generated per year. With the new network the amount will be 100.000 up to 2 million eth per year. Next there is a burning of the fees going on. I think it will cause the value of eth to rise yet again to at least the previous high.


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  The bull run has started! Hope you get on the train.
Posted by: Carsten - 2020-04-29, 08:07 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (8)

All major coins up 10% in 24 h. 

It has to be because of the halving of bitcoin in 12 days.

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